“Hopefully we’ll play someday,” 1400-rated Mohamed Salah dreams of playing against this CHESS ICON

The picture of Salah playing chess with his daughter last year went viral.

“Hopefully we’ll play someday,” 1400-rated Mohamed Salah dreams of playing against this CHESS ICON

Mohamed Salah having a round of Chess with his daughter (via Instagram)

Liverpool star, Mohamed Salah in a recent interview with Sky Sports admitted that he is addicted to the game of chess, apart from football, and hopes to compete with the Norwegian chess grandmaster, Magnus Carlsen.

Mohamed Salah, who calls himself a regular chess addict, has been one of the Premier League’s best forwards since joining Liverpool from Roma in 2017. Salah has scored an incredible 198 goals in 323 appearances for Liverpool to date. Since then ‘Egyptian King’ has been a part of the Red’s Premier League and Champions League winning squads. Salah has also been crowned as the ‘Best African Player’ quite several times.


Now, during a Sky Sports interview, Salah shared his love for playing chess daily, either with family or on Chess.com, where he holds a 1400 rating. He expressed a keen desire to face Magnus Carlsen, whom he greatly admires. Salah emphasized his belief that no player matches Carlsen’s chess skills.

I’m good, I’m not Magnus, but I’m good. No one has a chance with Magnus. But hopefully we will play one day.
Mohamed Salah said in a Sky Sports interview

GM Margus Carlsen is also believed to be a huge fan of Mohamed Salah, often sharing messages in support of the player on the social media platform ‘X’. So, a chess match between both these stars will be hugely anticipated by fans all around the world.

Mohamed Salah has a secret identity while playing on Chess.com

Mohamed Salah, who recently revealed that he is a regular player on Chess.com, claims to have a separate and secret identity on the online gaming platform.

Mohamed Salah plays Chess.com almost every day
Salah plays Chess.com almost every day. (Images via The Sun)

In an interview with Sky Sports, Salah stated that his identity on Chess.com is secretive. His name on the game is followed by a set of numbers which makes it unique. He also added that a lot of users ask questions about the real identity of the player on the gaming platform, finding it extremely hard to believe that it is the Egyptian himself, playing chess online.

I am not saying my name. I put my name and some other numbers so some people ask ‘Are you Mo Salah,’ I say ‘Yes,’ they don’t believe it, and say ‘You are lying.’ I say ‘Yes, I’m lying'.

Online photos of Salah playing chess with his daughter went viral, and fans loved the pictures, calling them a fantastic father-daughter duo. Despite his passion for chess, this has not hampered Salah’s on-pitch performances. He continues to keep contributing for both his club and country.

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