“It’s a pretty amazing feeling!” Colombian popstar Shakira celebrates the success of her new diss track on former Barcelona captain Gerard Pique

The super hit song gained over 40 million views on YouTube within first 24 hours.

“It’s a pretty amazing feeling!” Colombian popstar Shakira celebrates the success of her new diss track on former Barcelona captain Gerard Pique

Shakira and Karol G's TQG ranked #2 on Spotify Global Chart. Image via Twitter.

46-year-old Shakira released yet another diss track on February 24, collaborating with Karol G. Much like her first diss track, where she brutally destroyed ex-partner Gerard Pique and his girlfriend Clara Chia Marti, the new song ‘TQG’ was a super hit, as it ranked #2 on the Spotify Global charts within three days of its release. Shakira was ecstatic after the success of her new diss track, as she thanked her supporters on Twitter.

TQG crossed over 80 million views on YouTube and 8.2 million streams on Spotify and became the most streamed song in 24 hours.”TQG at #2 on Spotify global chart. Two songs in the Top 6. It’s a pretty amazing feeling! Thank you all for the support!” Shakira tweeted on February 27, thanking her fans. Karol G and Shakira, who both went through bad breakups, targeted their ex-partners through the song, and Karol G also informed them that they will be “letting a lot of anger go,” through the song.

Shakira’s fans absolutely loved the song, and expressed their excitement on the Colombian’s new diss track, after her previous diss track with Argentine rapper BZRP made waves around the globe. “Beautiful song and very catchy. It’s definitely going to a hit,”  Fans predicted the success of her song, which quickly made to the Top 10 ranks in the Spotify Global Chart.

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Shakira trolls Gerard Pique and Clara Chia Marti with new diss track

Shakira, Gerard Pique Clara Chia Marti, Karol G
Shakira and Karol G trolled their ex partners with new song. Image via Instagram

Shakira’s fans were not disappointed with her new song, which quickly garnered a lot of attention due to its catchy tunes and lyrics. Shakira and Karol G fired shots at their ex-partners Gerard Pique and Anuel AA, and in such a way that is going to leave a lasting effect in the minds of their fans. Shakira, who previously trolled Pique through her global hit diss track Music Session 53, had some colorful lyrics for the former Barcelona footballer on this iteration as well.

“What we lived I forgot. And that is what has offended you. And life has got even better for me. You are no longer welcome here.” Shakira stated through her song. “What your girlfriend threw at me, that doesn’t even make me angry, I laugh”. Shakira mocked Pique’s new girlfriend Clara Chia Marti. The Colombian star also dropped hints of Pique’s attempt to get back again. “And you want to come back, I already guessed it when you liked a picture of me.” 

Her two songs Music Session 53 with BZRP and TQG with Karol G, both are in the Top 10 Spotify Global Charts. Meanwhile Shakira also released a song called Monotonia, which gained over 200 million views on YouTube, and hinted at Gerard Pique breaking her heart.

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