Sky Sports will resort to ‘pre-recorded crowd noise’ to cover up Everton’s X-RATED protest chants in Manchester United clash

Everton vs Manchester United is set to have pre-recorded crowd noises.

Sky Sports will resort to ‘pre-recorded crowd noise’ to cover up Everton’s X-RATED protest chants in Manchester United clash

Goodison Park (Via X/@SkySports)

Everton will face Manchester United at Goodison Park on Sunday. Some Everton fans plan to protest during the match, expressing discontent with the Premier League’s decision to deduct ten points from the club. They intend to chant ‘Premier League corrupt as f**k’ in the 10th minute. In response, Sky Sports will use pre-recorded crowd noises to drown out the explicit chants.

An independent commission in the Premier League decided upon a 10-point deduction for the club after establishing that ‘Profit and Sustainability’ guidelines were breached. The commission pointed to beaches during the 2021/22 season. The commission has also informed us that the deduction will have an immediate effect. The point deduction places Everton 19th instead of 14th, which they were before the points deduction.


The chants come on the back of mass unrest towards the recent 10-point deduction. Ofcom states that channels should abstain from televising potentially offensive content. It is also understood that a 4:30 pm kickoff in the UK will mean that a large viewership will be families and children.

As the result of an internal meeting held at Sky Sports, the channel will look to drown out noise, either by reducing crowd volume or in certain cases, by using pre-recorded crowd noises.

Everton’s 10-point deduction: How the club and fans reacted

The Premier League’s decision to impose a 10-point deduction on Everton has been the cause of mass fan unrest. Following the point deduction, both club officials and fan groups have issued official comments. Either have expressed their disappointment and future course of action. The club has announced that the decision feels ‘unjust’ and that it will continue to monitor other rulings in cases regarding a breach of profit and sustainability rules.

Kevin Thelwell and Everton fans
Kevin Thelwell and Everton fans (Via X/@EvertonFan10 & Sky News)

This is a likely allusion to the fact that Manchester City are yet to face any form of ramification after being hit with a potential 115 charges. In another form of protest, a fan group named the 1878’s, have decided to ‘fly a plane over a stadium’! As per reports, the 1878 has managed to gather over £40,000 in funds to fly a plane with a banner over the Etihad during Manchester City vs Liverpool.

The Everton vs Manchester United game will happen at night. Everton’s Director, Kevin Thelwell, thinks the point deduction is unfair and plans to turn it into motivation for the rest of the season. Despite being 19th in the standings, just above Burnley based on goal difference, the team remains united and determined.

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