“They are so inconsistent!” – Fans furious over ‘PATHETIC’ refereeing in Premier League as Malu Gusto escapes red card in Chelsea vs Fulham clash

Fans are fed with Premier League refereeing inconsistencies!

“They are so inconsistent!” – Fans furious over ‘PATHETIC’ refereeing in Premier League as Malu Gusto escapes red card in Chelsea vs Fulham clash

Malo Gusto Horrible tackle (Source: Evening Standard/ Screenshots from TNT Sports Live)

During Chelsea’s clash against Fulham, manager Marco Silva was left at a loss of words due to the scenes on the pitch. What he called a VAR “mistake” has also drawn a lot of flack from fans on social media websites.


Chelsea’s youngster Malo Gusto went on to win the win but ended up completely stepping on former Chelsea player Willian’s ankle. From what looked like a horribly mistimed tackle, Willian was lucky to preserve himself from a serious injury but was definitely dangerous play.

After reviewing the tackle from close angles, VAR officials ended up on giving just a Yellow card to the player which seemed unbelievable to the manager. Chelsea eventually went on to score through new signing Cole Palmer in the stoppage time of the first half.

However, this game again rewinds the football world to the same old question of VAR inconsistency. Most people were convinced that the tackle deserved a Red Card but the referees will have a tough call to make in such situations. As football delves deeper into technology future meanings of ‘dangerous play‘ could significantly change if such inconsistencies continue.


Twitter reacts to Malo Gusto’s horrific tackle on Willian

The controversial VAR decision regarding Malo Gusto’s challenge during the Chelsea vs. Fulham match has sparked a heated debate among football fans on social media. While some argue that the tackle warranted a red card, pointing to a similar incident that led to Gusto’s red card against Aston Villa earlier in the season, others believe that neither of the tackles should have resulted in a red card.

Malo Gusto
Malo Gusto (Source: Football London)

The inconsistency in VAR decisions and the call for more standardized and consistent officiating have become prevalent themes in the discussions. Fans express frustration over the perceived lack of consistency and call for a more uniform approach to such incidents across different matches. Here are some of the reactions:

The online debate showcases the varying opinions among football enthusiasts, with some demanding a more consistent application of the rules and others highlighting the challenges of achieving unanimity in assessing the severity of on-field incidents. The football community remains divided on the effectiveness and reliability of VAR, with calls for improvements to ensure fair and consistent decisions in the beautiful game.

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