“Grammy-winning impersonation”- Fans troll Gerard Pique’s girlfriend Clara Chia over her new hairstyle resembling that of Shakira

Fans joked that maybe Pique asked Clara to get this new hairstyle because he can't forget Shakira.

“Grammy-winning impersonation”- Fans troll Gerard Pique’s girlfriend Clara Chia over her new hairstyle resembling that of Shakira

Clara Chia was seen copying Shakira's hairstyle (credits-Leyla Milani Hair)

Clara Chia Marti, Gerard Pique’s girlfriend, is in the news again. However, it is for the wrong reasons again. Clara was seen in a new hairstyle, which was a copy of the famous hairstyle donned by Pique’s ex Shakira. Fans were shocked to see the resemblance between the two.

Shakira and Pique got together in 2010 at the FIFA World Cup, in South Africa. The singer left Pique after his infidelity emerged in 2022. Pique cheated on Shakira with his now girlfriend- Clara Chia. This episode was highly public and covered by the media.


The couple then proceeded to separate. They even have two sons together- Milan and Sasha, both in the custody of their mother, Shakira- who since has moved to the USA. Pique meanwhile has settled with Clara Chia in Barcelona and only visits his sons without her presence.

Now Clara Chia was sporting a hairstyle that is very similar to the iconic look of Shakira. Fans were quick to notice the hairstyle and call Clara out. Many joked about Pique making Clara sport the hairstyle and claimed he is unable to clear out Shakira’s influence from his life.

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Here’s how Twitter reacted to Clara Chia’s hairstyle

(L-R) Clara Chia Marti, Gerard Pique and Shakira
(L-R) Clara Chia Marti, Gerard Pique, Shakira (credits-Geo TV)

Twitter was quick to notice the similarity between Shakira and Clara Chia Marti’s hairstyles. The fans were shocked to see Clara replicate the look. Fans made a lot of jokes about the similarity.

Many of them called out Clara as an impersonator. Some tweets targeted Pique as well. Fans were in shock as they felt Shakira was being copied as her ex-Pique could not move on from her influence. Here are some of the tweets-

Pique has retired from football and is focusing on running his own football league, the Kings League– a 5-a-side tournament. The ex-Barcelona defender also appears on a variety of streams. Meanwhile, Shakira is focusing on her career and writing hit song after hit song. Clara Chia looks to be settled with Pique and likes to stay away from the spotlight but was caught out due to her hairstyle on this occasion.


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