Indian central government ready to ban CoA ‘mandate’ hoping FIFA lifts ban on AIFF ahead of women’s U-17 World Cup

Indian central government ready to ban CoA ‘mandate’ hoping FIFA lifts ban on AIFF ahead of women’s U-17 World Cup

CoA submits draft constitution to Supreme Court

After FIFA banned AIFF (ALL INDIA FOOTBALL FEDERATION) on 15th August on the grounds of ‘third party influence’, the Indian government has agreed to end the CoA mandate with the hopes of the ban getting lifted. The Supreme Court was entitled to hear the case and act accordingly.

The CoA mandate which means Committee of Administrators was regularised by the Indian sports ministry in order to channel a better function in the recruitment of young talents into the football World.


Following the ban, the U-17 Women’s World Cup was going to be discredited, which would have cost the ministry, as well as the future of Indian football a huge toll.

The U-17 World Cup that was going to be conducted on Indian grounds can affect adversely to extent of cancellation, which can further harm the image of Indian football in the eyes of the whole world, and set an example that bad can be really bothersome. To grant such authorities some time to correct their decision, the government has taken this step.

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FIFA’s strict policies against AIFF

FIFA has recently banned AIFF following the third-party influence that FIFA is facing considering Indian football. FIFA is a French Football body, that follows a very strict policy when it comes to third parties interfering with football.

However, India is unfortunately not the first or the only Nation to fall into the strict policies of FIFA. There have been a number of countries that have failed to achieve a balance between their football and politics.

The list is long, as many as 7 countries have failed in that zone including India, Iraq, Nigeria, Guatemala, Kuwait, Indonesia, Pakistan, and Kenya have felt short of providing the best decision for their country’s football ahead of politics.


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