Manchester City star Jack Grealish breaks silence in emotional post after SHOCKING robbery at mansion ⁩

Grealish shared emotional message via Instagram after mansion robbery.

Manchester City star Jack Grealish breaks silence in emotional post after SHOCKING robbery at mansion ⁩

Jack Grealish posted an emotional message on social media. (Via X/@City_Xtra & Futbool_Fotos)

Manchester City forward Jack Grealish and family have had a tough week following the burglary in the player’s new mansion. The City forward was taking part in the game against Everton when the distressing incident took place. Days after the incident, Grealish has taken to Instagram, penning a long, emotional message regarding the incident.

The player’s partner and family members watched the Everton game from the comfort of Grealish’s home as they were alerted of the presence of intruders. The family then proceeded to lock themselves in and press ‘panic’ buttons as police arrived and initiated a search. However, they were not found and even a helicopter search went without results.

Grealish’s message on Instagram read,

I can't begin to explain how devastated I am. Nothing is more important than my family's safety. I think I cannot celebrate my best year in football after this. 

Grealish then proceeded to inform that no one sustained injuries during the burglary. He also thanked everyone for their words of support and said that the perpetrators were brought to justice as soon as possible.

New ‘twist’ in Jack Grealish burglary case

A new ‘twist’ in the investigation surrounding the burglary at Jack Grealish’s residence has presented itself. As reported earlier, £1 million worth of luxury belongings were ransacked last Wednesday from the player’s mansion. It is understood that investigations are also being held keeping in mind that the burglary may have been an ‘inside job’.

Jack Grealish's mansion
Jack Grealish’s mansion (Via X/@CityFan10 & Sky News)

The Manchester City star and partner Sasha Attwood moved into the £5.6 million mansion five days before Christmas. However, it should be noted that several workmen were finishing up work in the sprawling mansion. Per the case report, the burglars went directly to where the safes and jewelry were kept. This gives reason to believe that they were ‘tipped off’ by someone who has been inside the mansion and knows the layout.

Another angle is that a planning application may have aided in the burglary. The floor layout and plans are available on the web. The investigating officer, Mick Neville, said,

We are trying to establish who had had access to the mansion in the last few months.

City boss Pep Guardiola has also advised players to refrain from flaunting luxury items on social media, as it was seen that Grealish was wearing £500K worth of watches in previous weeks.

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