Spanish Police arrests burglars who broke into Real Madrid star Dani’s home: Reports

Spanish Police arrests burglars who broke into Real Madrid star Dani’s home: Reports

Real Madrid's Dani Carvajal

Real Madrid talisman and Spanish defensive force Dani Carvajal faced a horrific robbery attempt in his house last August in Madrid. apparently, footballers are easy targets for robbers. The Spanish Police have reportedly arrested the burglars, who came all the way from Albania to rob him. However, they were not able to steal valuable items.

The Spanish police caught and arrested the group of Albanian thieves which specializes in robbing villas in residential areas. The gang consists of four men in the age group of 24 to 45 who traveled from their country to do the job for two to three months and were arrested and later imprisoned.


As per reports, informing the Spanish police, they always choose places occupied by their residents at the time of the robbery. In the case of Real Madrid star Daniel Carvajal, the player was not at home and some of his staff were present. The suspects traveled in a vehicle in the name of someone outside the troop and, after selecting the property to be the object of the robbery, they first got inside the plot by jumping over the fence.

They secretly noticed through the windows the number of people who were inside the house at that time. They also estimated as to who will be occurpying different rooms. After these necessary precautions, two of the thieve gang members went upstairs, which they accessed through windows or terrace doors while the other two watched out for each other in silence. They mainly looked for jewelry, watches, money, and other valuables, but couldn’t manage to get anything.

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Other Footballers along with the Real Madrid star who suffered robbery and took up security measures

Raheem Sterling

Football players usually are easy targets such as what Chelsea’s Raheem Sterling and Pierre E Aubameyang have gone through. England’s winger and key player Raheem Sterling had a terrible break-in at his home back in England while he was playing in Qatar. The report reveals that his wife and children were not inside the house while the whole episode took place and “no threat of violence was involved”, clearing the possibility of someone dear to Sterling getting hurt.

The robbery has shaken fellow English players as well, and as per reports, many players have made tight security arrangements at their respective homes when they played at Qatar FIFA World Cup 2022. The thieves broke into the 6m Euro mansion at night in and decamped with a reported sum of 300,000 Euros worth of items. Reports have earlier suggested the football player’s wife was present inside the home. It was later confirmed she reached home some time after the burglary.

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