WATCH: Shakira completely ignores former Barcelona star and ex-partner Gerard Pique completely during their recent face off

The Colombian Singer completely ignored Gerard Pique as he was waiting to pick his son

WATCH: Shakira completely ignores former Barcelona star and ex-partner Gerard Pique completely during their recent face off

Shakira enjoying a vacation with her children. Image via Instagram

The controversy around Colombian superstar Shakira and her ex-husband Gerard Pique has been toxic, yet full of entertainment for their fans. Things were awkward for the ex-couple as they recently ran into each other. The Kings League President was waiting outside their family home on Wednesday when Shakira and Pique came across each other. Pique was reportedly waiting to pick up his children when Shakira reportedly arrived with her brother Tonino. The shocking part was how Shakira ignored Pique, as she went past him.


Since their separation, the couple has been engaged in an emotional battle, dissing each other indirectly. Recently, Shakira’s album song Music Session 53, with BZRP went viral, after she openly slammed Gerard Pique and his new girlfriend Clara Chia Marti. The Colombian sensation blew off the charts with her ‘revenge’ song.Pique reportedly hit back at Shakira, as he signed a sponsorship deal with Casio for the King’s League. This reportedly happened after Shakira hit back at Pique in her song, claiming he ‘traded a Rolex for a Casio.’

In recent months the ex-couple have met on several occasions, which is inevitable. They were present at a baseball game in which their son Della Milan was playing, and also at a Christmas function at their children’s school. The ex-couple avoided each other completely and stayed away from each other during these functions. During their most recent encounter with each other, Shakira kept her head held high, briefly waving at her son Sasha, as he was walking towards Pique’s car.

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Shakira reportedly preparing another diss track against Gerard Pique after hit single with BZRP

After Shakira’s diss track against ex-husband Gerard Pique and Clara Chia Marti, the Colombian is reportedly releasing another ‘revenge’ song. In a leaked conversation of Shakira, it was reported that she will be collaborating with Karol G, a renowned Colombian singer. The second diss track will reportedly be more subtle. According to new developments, Manuel Turizo is also going to have a collab with the Hips Don’t Lie artist.

I’ve been thirsty for you for a while. I don’t know why am I left wanting more and wanting to drink from an empty glass”. The complete lyrics will be available once the song is officially released, however, fans expect that Shakira will be attacking Gerard Pique yet again.

Her last song, Music Session 53 was a huge success, as Shakira reportedly made a huge amount of money from the diss track. Her song, which has over 250 million views on YouTube, has made $512,000 from the platform. Apart from that, the song made $500,000 from Amazon Music, $360,000 from Spotify and $1,200,000 from Apple Music.


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