“..when something like that happens, you are emotionally involved.” – Arsenal manager on Raul Jimenez’s horrific head injury

Arsenal boss said that he is glad that Raul is back to the playing field after the devastating injury.


Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta said he is delighted Raul Jimenez is back playing football after witnessing the Wolves striker fracture his skull. Mikel Arteta has described witnessing the head injury sustained by Wolves striker Raul Jimenez at Arsenal last season as one of the scariest moments of his career.

The Arsenal manager said, “I think we have made a lot of progress there, to where we were a few years back. We have to continue there. In the case of Raul [Jimenez], it was a really scary moment. Thanks to the medical team, they probably saved him at that moment from something that could have been much worse and for the recovery that he’s done.

It’s great that after that he’s come back so quickly, performing and scoring goals like he’s doing. Regarding that topic, yes we can always get better, and that should be the aim.”

He further added, “I have had others but that was one of them. Straight away when you see the reaction and the anxiety that suddenly is in the team doctors and everybody who was involved, trying to assess what was happening.

It was frightening, and thank God it ended the right way, but it looked really, really bad.

Jimenez fractured his skull and was knocked unconscious after clashing heads with Arsenal defender David Luiz while competing for the ball at a corner.

The striker was taken off the pitch and straight to the hospital, where after surgery he was forced out of action for eight months.

Jimenez has now made a full recovery, however, and he will be back at Emirates Stadium for the first time since the injury in November 2020 when Wolves travel to North London on Thursday night.

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Mikel Arteta on Arsenal players handling pressure

Arsenal players
"..when something like that happens, you are emotionally involved." - Arsenal manager on Raul Jimenez's horrific head injury 2

Mikel Arteta when asked if Arsenal players were under pressure and how they are going to handle it, gave a straightforward answer.

He said, “There is going that pressure because mathematically, it is possible but our focus has to be today.

“Train well today, prepare well today, be mentally ready, physically ready, tactically ready tomorrow to play a really difficult match and show it on the pitch. That should be the only aim.”

Arsenal currently sit at sixth in the Premier League table with three games in hand with a great opportunity to go up to the top 4 if they win their next game against Wolves.

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