Audi and Porsche all set to link up with two F1 powerhouses from 2026, subject to adhering to restrictions: Report

Porsche and Audi's plan to enter F1 seems to have taken a hit following FIA's strict terms and conditions

Audi and Porsche linked to McLaren and Red Bull Racing
Audi and Porsche linked to McLaren and Red Bull Racing

Volkswagen has given the thumbs up to Porsche and Audi to enter F1 which was likely to made official too very soon. But that might be happen under certain strict terms and conditions. But these new added terms have given a headache to Volkswagen to deliberate on whether it would like to go ahead with the move. If the company wants to do that then it has to be proactive in their decision making or it could go downhill.

Porsche looks all set to take over Max Verstappen’s Red Bull and its partner Powertrain while Audi looks to do the same with McLaren who want to do away with current supply of the Mercedes PU. But that can only happen with approval of the technical regulations which shall go on to define the 2026 power units. The regulations have two underlined objectives.

One being the reduction of costs by 50% of the current ones  and the engines also have to be in consonance with the sustainable goals of Formula 1. Therefore, the company needs to do away with the emissions if it wants to be a part of Formula 1.

Volkswagen group’ Porsche had previously considered supplying power units to Red Bull after Honda decided to quit the sport in 2021. Porsche came close to giving the green light on an F1 entry back in 2017, only for the extension of F1’s power unit regulations beyond 2021 to derail those plans.

Porsche and Audi’s plan to enter F1 seems to have taken a hit following FIA’s strict terms and conditions

Volkswagen, Porsche and Audi
Volkswagen, Porsche and Audi

Motorsport reported, “Formula 1iis a useful tool for the automotive industry to indicate an alternative path to the electric one, more complicated than the legislators themselves thought in achieving the objectives set for 2030. “

“Having made all these premises, it must be said that the German manufacturers had put a prejudice that conditioned their entry into Formula 1: abolish the MGU-H.”

“Which is to say that the electric motor generator that collects the energy of the turbo and transforms it into electricity to be stowed into the battery.”

This can be a gold opportunity for both Porsche and Audi to become a part of Formula 1 provided they decide to adhere to the technical regulations of the FIA.

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