“I think Honda will return to Formula 1” Honda Chief Masashi Yamamoto

Honda will be departing from Formula 1 in 2022 as they focus on carbon neutrality. However Honda Chief Masashi Yamamoto believes this is not the end of Honda in the sport.

formula 1, Masashi Yamamoto, Honda chief
Masashi Yamamoto, Honda chief

After seven long years, the 2021 season marks the end of Honda’s journey in Formula 1 with Red Bull Racing, McLaren and Toro Rosso or AlphaTauri. After a rocky start in 2015 with McLaren, Honda has come a long way since then as they compete for the title with Max Verstappen and Red Bull.

Honda’s Chief Masashi Yamamoto however believes that this will not be the last of Honda, especially since this is just their first period in Formula 1. “That this is possible in our last year is great. It shows that our efforts are paying off”, Yamamoto said in an interview with Formule1.nl. Red Bull is now all set to take over the engines in F1 from 2022, as Honda and their logo disappears.

Honda however, will help Red Bull over the next year, even though the management and marketing department will not be there. Yamamoto said, “From Honda’s point of view, the end of this year is the end of the project. 2022 is a transition period for Red Bull, although there will be people from Honda staying on to help.

“Honda needs to focus on becoming carbon neutral” Yamamoto as Honda Departs from Formula 1

Honda and Redbull Livery
Honda and Redbull Livery, Formula 1

Yamamoto still believes that Honda will be back, as their focus shifts for next year. “I personally do think Honda will return to Formula One. The situation right now is that Honda needs to focus on becoming carbon neutral and wants to accelerate that project.” He believes that if it goes well, Honda will return to F1.

Honda has achieved a total of 15 victories over the last few years. Talking about the relationship with Max Verstappen, Yamamoto said, “He is very special. The fans love him and there are also many Max fans in Japan. The relationship with Max is very good.” Max Verstappen has achieved 13 of the 15 victories, while one of the victories for Honda has been with AlphaTauri.

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