Lewis Hamilton Bounces Back from Devastating F1 Title Loss to Max Verstappen, securing Prestigious PETA Award

7 times world champion Lewis Hamilton has another medal to add to his tally, this time outside the track though, after he lost the 2021 F1 world title to Max Verstappen

Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton

The 2021 saw the 7 times world champion Lewis Hamilton having one of his most disappointing campaigns in his career as he lost out on the chance became 8-time F1 world champion. After his Red Bull rival Max Verstappen overtook him in the last lap of season finisher in Abu Dhabi thanks controversial unlapping decision by race director Michael Masi.

Lewis Hamilton and team Mercedes was in utter disbelief following incident and filed an appeal before the FIA stewards which got overruled. Team Mercedes decided not to move on with the counter appeal after consulting with Lewis Hamilton. The 2021 defending champion who felt wronged by F1 decided to keep away from public platforms and didn’t attend the compulsory FIA gala and unfollowed everyone on Instagram.

Lewis Hamilton who isn’t just a racer, an activist who raises voice against all types of inequalities and for environmental issues. Lewis Hamilton is also a vegan who actively promote Veganism. To promote veganism in 2019, Lewis Hamilton joined ‘The Cream Group, UNICEF Ambassador, and Tommaso Chiabra creating “Neat Burgers”.

Lewis Hamilton has something to cheer for this season though of the track as “People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals” (PETA) American animal rights organization one of the prominent organizations in support of veganism has presented Inaugural ‘Company of the Year Award’ by PETA; an award that recognizes restaurants that bring revolutionary vegan food to all to Neat Burgers.

PETA has commemorated Lewis Hamilton’s efforts saying Neat Burgers are “Dishing up the delicious plant-powered fare that modern diners crave, introducing droves of people to delicious, protein-packed vegan meals,”

What’s ahead for Lewis Hamilton in 2022

Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen
Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen

Though there are rumors of him retiring Lewis Hamilton is expected to join his new Mercedes partner George Russell in 2022 season hoping to win his 8th world title challenging 2021 champion Max Verstappen taking full advantage of new F1 regulations. Lewis Hamilton will face challenges from his new teammate Russell who is much different from his former partner Valtteri Bottas and the unpredictability of performance of new F1 challengers.

If Lewis Hamilton retires, he will be hoping create a new career outside of F1 such as his aspiration to be a fashion icon or his Film producing career. Lewis Hamilton will continue his philanthropic endowers and will be part social activist movements for environment and humanitarian purposes.

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