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“You See Helmets of Him”: Lewis Hamilton in the Same League as Michael Schumacher

Will Lewis Hamilton be able to finally break through all shackles and win his 8th World Championship in Formula 1?

Lewis Hamilton and Nicolas

As majority of the race fans will be already aware that Lewis Hamilton has become the first driver in the history of the sport to clinch 100 grand prix victories. Having fought bravely to surpass Michael Schumacher’s record of 7 world championships, Lewis Hamilton’s half-brother Nicolas has revealed his admiration for the seven-time British world champion ahead of the Turkish Grand Prix. 


Having led Max Verstappen by 2 points, Hamilton has set his sights on the ultimate goals. Yet the journey is not going to be easy. However Nicolas Hamilton was in conversation with The Pink podcast from Sky Sports about his brother’s greatest strengths. 

Nicolas Hamilton on Lewis Hamilton’s Greatest Strengths 

Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen

Nicolas sees that his half-brother has made history, “I remember the days of karting and kids were wearing Michael Schumacher helmets. When you asked kids what they wanted to do when they were older, they said they wanted to be the next Michael Schumacher. Now it’s ‘I want to be the next Lewis Hamilton’. You see helmets of Lewis. And now different colours of creeds are being involved in motorsport, and I think that’s down to Lewis’ impact on the sport. 

Lewis Hamilton

“Everyone knows Lewis, he wears his heart on his sleeve and he went through a time where he said stuff and made mistakes. He’s now become a very grounded individual, he’s very respectful with all the decision he makes. I’m honestly so proud of him, and can’t believe he’s going for his seventh world title. It’s incredible.”

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