Reigning World Champion Max Verstappen reveals ‘areas of improvement’ ahead of 2022 showdown

Find out what Max Verstappen want to improve in his 2022 season after his maiden title win in 2021 ending the years of dominance of Lewis Hamilton after overtaking him in the controversial last lap 2021 season finisher in Abu Dhabi

Max Verstappen
Max Verstappen

Max Verstappen secured the ultimate F1 glory in 2021 wining his maiden F1 drivers’ championship driving for Red Bull Honda racing. The Dutch Man ended the dominant championship run Mercedes and their 7times world champion Lewis Hamilton had over the years in the hybrid car era ironically in the last season where F1 challengers using the power unit.  

Max Verstappen went wheel to wheel against the defending champion Lewis Hamilton and the aggressive drive style Max Verstappen brought to the field often got his rival off-guard prompting multiple racing incident and crashes. Max Verstappen secured his 1st world title by overtaking Lewis Hamilton in the last lap of season finisher in Abu Dhabi, thanks to a controversial unlapping decision from race director, breaking the championship point dead lock.

Though shadowed by controversy and drama the F1 world acknowledge the fact that Max Verstappen deserved the title as he finished the season with 10 wins and 18 podiums to his name securing 395.5 championship points. Now the reigning F1 world champion Max Verstappen has opened up about what he had to improve in his 2022 season in an interview with personal sponsor CarNext

Find out what Max Verstappen said

Max Verstappen
Max Verstappen

Max Verstappen said he doesn’t think he is perfect in any area explain things he has to improve are not like something you can massively, they are just tiny details or ways which help him to influence the week better. Max Verstappen listed preparing himself better, understanding the car balance better and  understanding the tyres are things he like to improve for his future. Max Verstappen acknowledged that fact that he has new aspects to learn in 2022 which will host new regulations especially the new 18-inch tyres.

For me, I always say to myself, you’re never perfect in any area,” says Max Verstappen.

So, let’s say you’re at 98 percent, whatever you can call it, I always look at it [as something] I can always improve, because it’s not, ‘I can improve massively in this or massively in that’. It’s just tiny things, or, how can I try to influence the weekend a bit better?” Max Verstappen said.

How can I prepare myself better? How can I make sure that I understand the balance of the car better for qualifying, [or the] race? These kinds of differences. How can I understand the tyres better? All these kinds of things,” Max Verstappen explained.

Of course, next year, the tyres will be different again, so, you have to learn that as well. But you always look in these kinds of areas, like what can I understand or learn from all the experience I’ve had so far?” Max Verstappen added.

“I don’t need to improve on this” Max Verstappen on his 2021 season

Max Verstappen
Max Verstappen

Max Verstappen was asked whether he is concerned about not being able to improve on such an exciting campaign to which he jokingly replied, he don’t need to improve on this adding it doesn’t need to be like this every single year as he don’t see one lasting long time in F1 like that. Max Verstappen said he is happy about this amazing yet unpredictable season adding its always more exciting when two teams are fighting each other than  one team is dominating taking a jibe at the dominant run of Mercedes over the years.  

I don’t need to improve on this. For me, it doesn’t need to be like this every single year. I don’t think you can last a long time in Formula 1 like that!” says Max Verstappen.

But I’m happy, of course, how it played out. It was an amazing season, I think. A lot of unpredictable things happened. Of course, the two teams fighting against each other, that is always more exciting than when it’s one team dominating, and it’s just the two teammates basically fighting,” Max Verstappen added.

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