Two global icons, Lewis Hamilton and break the internet with RAP x F1 combo

Find out the hidden meaning in this video about The New Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S E PERFORMANCE car with Lewis Hamilton and Will-I-am.

Here’s to all the rap lovers and f1 fans, a special announcement has come your way!

The two worlds, rap and f1 collide, yet again with William James Adams Jr., famously known as will-I-am, American rapper and record producer alongside seven-time world champion, Lewis Hamilton.

The two superstars have hit the twitter world with a storm by dropping a video on the official Mercedes-AMG handle. With the caption, “Check the video out and get to know the two of them better”

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Meeting of Will-I-am and Lewis Hamilton :

Will-I-am and Lewis Hamilton ask each other questions while posing next to the lavish Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S E car. The interview starts off with a bang when Will-I-am uses the term ‘OXYMORON’ when asked about what keeps him cool on stage. He then proceeds to ask Lewis What keeps him colling while zooming’ in a car on track.

“Staying cool on track is all about, MINDSET. You are doing over 200 miles per hour so the key is to stay calm.” Says Lewis.

Maintaining cool, Sweat and being drenched energy are the key notes which connect the worlds on stage and on tracks. “With flip a hybrid energy, there is always room for creating something new, not following and being a leader.” Says Lewis while he passes over the center stage to Will asking the same question. Will says that, “hybrid is a flip within itself, retrofuturism, futurism with past and the future at in intersection”

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Two global icons, Lewis Hamilton and break the internet with RAP x F1 combo 3

“Hybrid is collision of two World’s in creating something new, adventurous and unique” says Lewis Hamilton, highlighting the theme of the video.

“Power comes from the ultimate goal of proving to yourself that you can be the best and do something other’s cant do” says Lewis with Will calling it the “first spark of creating, manifesting concepts and making ideas real.”

Hamilton always tries to push the limits, in fact calls it “his job, chasing time with the desire to discover the greatest version of yourself, setting limitations with focus.”

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Two global icons, Lewis Hamilton and break the internet with RAP x F1 combo 4

Both the Stars are everything but quiet, focusing on The New Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S E PERFORMANCE which is cool, has hybrid energy and is made with the best of both worlds, past and future version. With the ultimate goal of speed, power amongst the calm and cool on track and stage.

With over lakhs of views and thousands of retweets, this video is going viral starring Will-I-am and Lewis Hamilton with f1 fans happy to see the seven-time World Champions presence on screen after he went of the grid.

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