Mercedes have the last laugh after dropping an ‘interesting’ reaction post Michael Masi sack

FIA sacked Michael Masi from his position of Race Director following the Abu Dhabi GP debacle.

Toto Wolff and Michael Masi
Toto Wolff and Michael Masi

On the 17th of February, FIA launched that they had sacked 2021 F1 Race Director Michael Masi following the last lap fiasco of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. While pundits share opinions, Mercedes decided to go through the millennial route of sharing their opinions through memes!

Michael Masi was responsible for giving the decision that allowed only the five cars directly in between of championship contenders Max Verstappen and then race leader Lewis Hamilton to unlap themselves before the restart. The resulting decision would be handy for Verstappen as his late lunge in the dying laps would be enough to overtake Hamilton and claim his maiden World Championship title.

Mercedes protested the ruling and took it to the FIA, who have since then sacked the Australian from his role and bought new structural changes in place ahead of the 2022 season. After a controversial end to the 2021 season campaign, Mercedes seemed to have finally got their sweet revenge!

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Last Laugh for Mercedes as Michael Masi leaves

Micheal Masi
Micheal Masi

If you are one day ahead of your season contending car’s launch, you would be sharing promotional material, starting an official countdown, maybe even throwing in a sneak peek to keep fans and viewers on your social media accounts on their toes! Mercedes have chosen to have their last laugh.

The 8-time World Champions shared a meme on their social media accounts. The popular meme from the American sitcom Drake & Josh, in which character Megan Parker looks at a computer screen “Interesting” in an intriguing perfectly summarised the reactions of many following the FIA’s action to sack Masi.

Mercedes shared the same meme but with an Italian subtitle reading “Interessante”, which means interesting. With a subtle whiff of sarcasm and shade, the Germans managed to take a dig at the ruling. This shows that a team like Mercedes doesn’t only have bright engineers but some creative folks in their social media team too!

Since his appointment in March 2019, Micheal Masi served as the FIA’s Formula One race director. He will be replaced by Niels Wittich and Eduardo Freitas as Race Directors in 2022. According to FIA President Ben Sulayem, a new position within the FIA will be offered to Masi.

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