Fortnite Season 6 has brought many surprises with it. With one of the most entertaining and perhaps game-breaking surprises is the current game breaking glitch that sends loopers soaring great distances.

Famous Fortnite streamer SypherPK uploaded a YouTube video telling players how to use the glitch to their advantage in game.

Fortnite Season 6: New Game Breaking Glitch

A new in-game glitch is allowing players to launch themselves great distances simply by standing on doors. While this trick seems easy, the fall damage alone is enough to strip a player of their chance at a #1 Victory Royale.

SypherPK Glitch Video

SypherPK’s video, however, shows that a near “meme strat” meta does exist when utilizing this glitch and shows players how to exercise caution when doing so.

SypherPK is seen utilizing this glitch to quickly move closer to the inner circle and out of the storm. Though this method was quite effective, it is tricky to use in a way that is beneficial to casual players.

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While SypherPK comments on whether or not Epic Games means for players to be sent flying after closing the door, this glitch has been entertaining for players nonetheless.

Whether the door-closing jump boost is a glitch or not, there is no doubt that Fortnite sweats will be seen using this tactic to drastically change their positioning while working towards a #1 Victory Royale.

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