Free Fire X Attack on Titans: All you need to know about the collaboration

The Free Fire X Attack on Titans collaboration is now live and players are really looking forward to this new anime collab.

attack on titans
Free Fire collaborates with popular anime Attack on Titans

Free Fire has been gaining success globally over the past few years. The popular battle royale game has been doing global collaborations as well. Recently, the game collaborated with the popular Japanese anime, One Punch Man. However, this time Free Fire is back on track with yet another anime collaboration, Free Fire X Attack on Titans. This article takes a look at every details of the ongoing blockbuster collaboration.

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Free Fire X Attack on Titans: Details

Free Fire officials had previously confirmed the collaboration. However, it was only yesterday that the players actually got to catch a glimpse of the collaboration. The event includes a number of in-game cosmetics, collection items and new game modes. Take a look at every updates and additions known so far

1. Attack on Titans Themed interface

Free Fire X Attack on Titans
Free Fire X Attack on Titans

Fans got a glimpse of the latest collaboration yesterday after a 2MB update. This is the new log-in interface and along with that the developers also modified the player lobby. It includes a few details and two loot drops on the other end of lobby as well.

2. New Male and Female Costumes

costume - FirstSportz
New Male Costume in Free Fire

The collaboration is also set to launch new bundles in the game. It includes both female and male bundles. The bundles are based on the anime itself. The release date of the bundles are not yet revealed. It is likely to be introduced through any special events.

3. Weapon Skins

m1014 gun skin 1 - FirstSportz
Free Fire X Attack on Titans: All you need to know about the collaboration 1

As a part of this colossal crossover, developers are about to drop two new gun skins in Free Fire. The gun skins are of two variants, one themed and the other legendary. The two upcoming gun skins in the game are:

  • P90 Themed Gun Skin
  • M1014 Legendary Colossal Gun Skin

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