French Federation finds Neymar and Gonzalez Not Guilty

Neymar's and Gonzalez's racist allegations are found null and void as French Federation finds them not guilty.

Neymar and Gonzalez

The French Federation has passed its verdict on the racist allegations against Neymar and Alvaro Gonzalez. They fought earlier this month when Paris Saint Germain faced Marseille. The match ended with 14 yellow cards and 5 red cards. 

French Federation’s committee:

Neymar and Gonzalez

Neymar accused him of making monkey slurs against him, while Gonzalez completely denied any such claims. Afterwards, Neymar was accused of making racist claims by Marseille’s Hiroko Sakai as well. 

“After examining the case, hearing the players and representatives of the clubs, the Commission notes that it does not have sufficient convincing evidence. It cannot allow it to establish the materiality of the facts of statements of a discriminatory nature by Alvaro Gonzalez at the against Neymar during the meeting, nor against Neymar towards Alvaro Gonzalez.” the federation said in a statement. 

Neymar and Gonzalez

Marseille added: “Olympique de Marseille are satisfied with the decision of the disciplinary committee. Alvaro Gonzalez is not racist, any accusation against him on this subject is unfair and unfounded. Olympique de Marseille is and will remain the club of anti-racism.”

Paris Saint Germain will now face Angers on Friday. Marseille will face Lille this weekend now.

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