Why is emerging Australian talent Cam Davis not thinking about competing in the six-way Olympic race?

Cam Davis essentially won't even consider it, despite a number of Australian golfers vocally discussing their desire to compete in the Olympics.

Why is emerging Australian talent Cam Davis not thinking about competing in the six-way Olympic race?

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Many Australian golfers want to go to the Olympics, but Cam Davis doesn’t seem interested in talking about it. The 28-year-old golfer Cam Davis hailing from Sydney’s Northern shores is embroiled in what seems to be a six-way race for Australia’s two male Olympic golf slots for the 2024 Paris Games. By the middle of next year, when it’s time to decide, the pair with the highest rankings in the Official World Golf Ranking (OWGR) will receive the nod.

However, Jason Day, currently ranked near the top, has yet to firmly decide on his interest and may opt out of selection. After the latest OWGR update, Davis found himself in the 43rd spot. Ahead of him are his fellow countrymen Cameron Smith on the 20th, Jason Day on the 21st, and Min Woo Lee on the 38th.


The highly talented golfer Adam Scott holds the 46th position, while Lucas Herbert is also performing strongly at 66th place. Lee is shopping for Olympic attire and Smith is aiming for a second Olympic participation, whereas Davis holds a different opinion. Davis admitted in an interview with Wide World of Sports last Tuesday that the Olympics is not always at the forefront of his mind as a main objective.

The more he dwells on it, the more he detracts from his play. He is viewing events like the Presidents Cup and the Olympics more as bonuses. He hopes to be pleasantly surprised when the time comes after consistently playing quality golf. Davis further added. Davis is aiming for cherished experiences like the Presidents Cup and the Olympics, trusting that his current trajectory will open such avenues.

Milestones will be a driving force for Cam Davis

Representing his country again would be an exciting opportunity, Cam Davis believes. For some, setting sights on major milestones can be a driving force, whereas, for Davis, concentrating on the day-to-day aspects of his craft is what he believes will yield significant success. With the form Davis has showcased in 2023, he’s on track to ascend in the world rankings. His resume for the year includes a commendable tie for the fourth spot at the PGA Championship.

Cam Davis
Cam Davis [Image Credit- Fox Sports]

In an exemplary display at a major championship, he achieved his finest outing, complete with eight top-ten placements on the PGA Tour, marking his most outstanding season since turning pro in 2016. Back in Sydney, Davis eagerly anticipates competing in the Australian Open, a tournament where he triumphed in 2017, relishing the return to a familiar venue of success.

“It’s quite special being back where I have such fond memories,” Davis said. He’s looking forward to revisiting spots on the course that played pivotal roles in his win, reliving the shots and moments that clinched his triumph. Should he replicate last week’s tee-to-green performance from the Australian PGA Championship?

He augments it with enhanced putting precision, my prospects appear promising. A consistent level of play has been maintained for some time, suggesting an opportune culmination of skill for the forthcoming event. After Lee and Smith, Davis was seen as the third most probable person to win the Australian Open on Tuesday.


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