“So hard to play tee boxes that are down grade,” John Daly slams PGA of America over unforgiving tee boxes

John Daly, renowned golfer, made headlines when he withdrew from the Senior PGA Championship and expressed his frustration with the PGA of America on Twitter. Daly criticized the tournament's uneven tee boxes, highlighting the challenges faced by aging golfers and individuals with disabilities.

“So hard to play tee boxes that are down grade,” John Daly slams PGA of America over unforgiving tee boxes

John Daly ( Image via Golf )

In the world of professional golf controversies, and heated debates are not uncommon. This weekend, the KitchenAid Senior PGA Championship witnessed a surprising turn of events when John Daly, the seasoned golfer known for his outspoken nature, decided to withdraw from the tournament after just 13 holes.

However, what made headlines wasn’t his early departure; it was the scathing Twitter rant he directed toward the PGA of America. Daly’s frustration stemmed from the uneven tee boxes, and he didn’t hold back in expressing his disappointment.


Daly, who had recently missed the 105th PGA Championship, attempted to come back at the KitchenAid Senior PGA Championship. However, after struggling through 13 holes, he made the decision to withdraw from the tournament.

Seeking an outlet for his frustration, Daly took to Twitter to voice his grievances, directing his ire towards the PGA of America. In a series of tweets, he criticized the tee boxes, specifically highlighting the challenge they posed for aging golfers and individuals with disabilities.

Daly expressed his desire for level tee boxes that accommodated the physical limitations of senior golfers, emphasizing that the PGA seemed to be moving in the wrong direction. To accompany his tweets, Daly posted a striking image of his legs, showcasing the toll that years of injuries and surgeries had taken on his body.


With his left knee visibly swollen, the image served as a stark reminder of the physical challenges he faces as a golfer. His history of health issues, including a bladder cancer diagnosis in 2020 and undergoing knee replacement surgeries, further added to the context of his frustration and the authenticity of his concerns.

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John Daly talks about tee boxes and the senior PGA championship experience

John Daly
John Daly ( Image via Golf Week )

John Daly‘s complaints about the tee boxes during the KitchenAid Senior PGA Championship have sparked a broader discussion about the suitability of golf courses for senior players.


While the tournament took place at the Fields Ranch East course, which serves as the PGA’s new headquarters in Frisco, TX, it became evident that the tee boxes did not meet the standards expected by a former PGA Champion like Daly.

The uneven terrain and downhill tee boxes posed significant challenges, making it difficult for aging golfers to follow through on their shots effectively. Daly’s frustration reflects a larger concern for inclusivity and accessibility within the sport of golf, especially for senior players and those with physical limitations according to sbnation.

John Daly’s withdrawal from the KitchenAid Senior PGA Championship and subsequent Twitter tirade targeting the PGA of America has sparked a heated conversation within the golfing community. Daly’s complaints about the uneven tee boxes and his plea for level playing surfaces resonate with many aging golfers and individuals with disabilities.


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