Does LIV Golf’s fast tracked model spell trouble for the Series’ future business plans?

The LIV Golf Series' fast tracked business model might just spell a lot of trouble for its future, with things being uncertain.

Does LIV Golf’s fast tracked model spell trouble for the Series’ future business plans?

LIV Golf Tuscon

The LIV Golf series’ luxurious season has not gone unnoticed. It is apparent that the series has money to give to its players. LIV has managed to bag players for large amounts of money, and has quite openly done so too. But, how sustainable is this model for the LIV Series, especially considering that it has recently cut back and expressed concerns about the same?

The recent LIV Golf Tuscon event was a prime example of the kind of vibe golfers have set. A rather chill location, the Tuscon event was oozing wealth. However, behind the scenes, things seem to be getting quite tight for the players. A mandatory meeting held by Greg Norman uncovered new rules and policies put into place by the LIV Series- all in th hopes to fast forward the series success.

“It’s basically modeled on the [PGA] Tour’s, so expect it to be just as effective,” said a player of the LIV Golf Series. Louis Oosthuizen however, said that he would not be commenting on any of the rules or the controversy. “Sorry mate, I don’t want to talk about any politics or any controversy,” he said. With the entire LIV Series’ plan being fast forwarded, is it even sustainable anymore?

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Why did LIV Golf decide to fast track its model by an entire season?

LIV Golf Series
LIV Golf Series

LIV Golf’s 2023 Season has been referred to time and time again as its Year 1. While the original plan seemed to be to hold only 10 tournaments this year, things have taken a different turn. With the buzz of the 2022 season and its supposed success, the management decided to fast track their plans. The 2023 season now consists of 14 full tournaments and committing completely to its team concept.

To differentiate itself from the PGA Tour, the LIV Golf Series has introduced several changes to the rather traditional game of golf. Uncut tournaments, smaller courses, team style play and bigger cash prizes- all emory the fresh new spirit that LIV hopes to imbibe into the game of golf. With big promises from the Series, there is expected to be some miscommunication.

It seems as though some contracts and expectations that the players have completely go against what is good for the Tour. Some part of it seemed to fall apart when the president and COO Atul Khosla resigned suddenly. “Some guys thought their contracts for this year are for 10 tournaments, not 14. But even with more tournaments there is no bump in the guaranteed money they signed for. Last year the players kept their share of the team winnings” said a player anonymously.

Pat Perez won more than $8 million last year, even though his average individual finish was just 32rd. “But now that money goes back to the team. I heard one guy say, ‘Why are we standing on a podium spraying each other with champagne when we don’t get the money?’ So that’s interesting. And now there is talk that [LIV leadership] wants to put more of the total purse toward the team component.

But, again, guys have it in their contract they would be playing for $20 million on their own. So you can imagine there is a lot of conversation right now.” What might come of the LIV Series is still unpredictable, but what one can tell is that there might be more issues than expected for them.

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