Paige Spiranac provides fans with EXCLUSIVE golf lessons for mastering her favorite shot on course

Paige Spiranac enjoys hitting this shot when the conditions are less than ideal and the wind interferes with a good shot.

Paige Spiranac provides fans with EXCLUSIVE golf lessons for mastering her favorite shot on course

Paige Spiranac (Pic Credit: Imago)

For those not in the loop, golf personality Paige Spiranac runs a YouTube channel where she shares various tips through a series teaching golf basics and showcasing her skillful trick shots. Spiranac is no stranger to leveraging her appeal to draw in an audience, a smart move for her brand. In her recent episode, Spiranac demonstrated the “knockdown shot“, a technique useful when playing against the wind.


For this lesson, Spiranac chose to wear a deep green-gray outfit, despite the cold weather. She describes her fondness for the knockdown shot, especially under challenging conditions. Executing this shot involves a certain technique; it requires a precise grip on the club and a specific body stance, with both hands and weight shifted forward to support a faster strike. This positioning helps the ball slice through the wind.

Spiranac suggests hitting the ball with about 80 percent strength for maximum accuracy. She also notes that this shot can be executed with any club, making it an ideal choice for those seeking control or playing in windy conditions. While it’s clear that Spiranac’s golf tutorials are popular, there’s an added enthusiasm from viewers that suggests her videos might inspire more people to take up golf.

With engagement levels peaking, it’s evident that as long as there’s interest, Spiranac will continue producing such content. Although she may not have made it as a professional golfer, she seems to be thriving in her current role as a golf influencer, attracting fans and, inevitably, some detractors. She added “as they say, “haters gonna hate.”


Paige Spiranac vigorously opposes the contentious universal golf ball rollback

The USGA and R&A are set to announce their verdict on the proposed changes to the golf ball rules next week, raising excitement among golfers of all levels. This move has sparked a debate within the community, with notable personalities like Paige Spiranac voicing their disapproval. On the social platform now named X, the 30-year-old golf influencer strongly indicated that such a change is not welcomed by most.

Paige Spiranac
Paige Spiranac [Image Credit: Imago]

Spiranac’s outspoken views suggest wider apprehension about the upcoming modifications. The discussion surrounding golf ball regulations began in 2020 and has lasted nearly three years, initially targeting pro players but now expanding to affect everyone.

The potential new rules would mark many current golf balls as unfit for use, influencing both amateur fans and expert players. These tougher rules would mean golf balls need to pass stricter tests and handle an increased swing speed of 5 mph, above the present 120 mph.

Paige Spiranac is not alone in her critique of the ruling. Key golf personalities, like Justin Thomas, along with PGA Tour leaders have also expressed their discontent. Despite these objections, R&A’s head, Martin Slumbers, has stood by their commitment to the sport’s future. He recognized the issues players and organizations have pointed out while upholding the decision formed with the USGA.


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