Tommy Fleetwood flaunts on “s*** kicking” Tiger Woods at Ryders Cup noting “it was very enjoyable”

There have been reports in the past that LIV had tried to seduce Fleetwood to join them but he insists he is happy where he is at the moment.

Tommy Fleetwood and Tiger Woods
Tommy Fleetwood and Tiger Woods

England golfer Tommy Fleetwood has opened up on his feeling regarding LIV Golf and joked that he will now tell stories about “s*** kicking” Tiger Woods and Patrick Reed during the Ryder Cup.

There have been reports in the past that the Saudi-backed league had tried to seduce Fleetwood to join them but he insists he is happy where he is at the moment.

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Tommy Fleetwood is happy to start getting back to his best

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Tommy Fleetwood

“Probably more draining for more people other than me. I think, on a personal level, I’ve been happy to start getting my game back where I think it should be and start competing in events again. I was having a really good summer.

“I think … it’s funny really because I think people are bored of it [LIV]. But then, also, people can’t help but talk about it and can’t get enough of it. It’s been a massive thing. You sort of, you flip between going ‘Is it really that big a deal where a golfer decides [to play] his golf?’

“And then, you think ‘It is what we live in and it’s an amazing talking point and it’s big news and there’s a load of crap going on around it.'”

When the 31-year-old Englishman teamed up with Francesco Molinari to win four matches, their partnership was one of the most successful in the Ryder Cup. Fleetwood in his podcast was then asked about how he felt “s*** kicking Tiger Woods“.

World No.9 replied: “It was very enjoyable and I like the phrase. I’m going to keep that because people ask me about the Ryder Cup all the time and I was like, ‘I played Tiger Woods three times and I beat him three times.’ It might be the one record I have against him, you know, forever. “But “s*** kicking? I like that, I’ll keep that in the stories [from now on].”

“That week for me I would say – as a rookie – I was unbelievably lucky in some of the things that went for me. We were playing on a course that I had won on the year before. Fran [Francesco Molinari] was my partner all the way through the week, you know, my closest person out on Tour,” he added.

He then went on to say that they were outplayed early on by Patrick Reed and Woods but things changed after a few holes and there was no looking back after that. “I was very, very comfortable with him. It was at home, I think that makes a difference. There was a tonne of things really. It was my son’s first birthday … there was a lot of things going for me.

“And to be fair, people forget, Patrick Reed chipped in in the first game that we played. They were 2UP through 10. We were doing nothing, I was putting horrendous, I wasn’t really playing very well. And then, you know, a few holes later we got through the first match and we never looked back.”

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