“Goodell is a coward and he is incompetent”: Jerry Jones and other NFL owners wanted Roger Goodell fired

Papa John's CEO John Schnatter reveals that a significant number of NFL owners wanted to get rid of Commissioner Roger Goodell following the National Anthem controversy

Roger Goodell and Jerry Jones
Roger Goodell and Jerry Jones

Roger Goodell has taken the NFL to new heights, however, his stint has not been smooth without any controversy. The National Anthem controversy and Goodell’s handling of that particular scenario almost got him fired.

Former Papa John’s CEO John Schnatter revealed on Fearless with Jason Whitlock last month about a situation in 2017 in which he claimed that the owner of the Commanders, Daniel Snyder, and owner of the Cowboys, Jerry Jones wanted to get the NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell fired when the league was getting flak from everyone for its handling of the National Anthem controversy.

As per The New York Post, Schnatter had a feud with Goodell and blamed him for Papa John’s stock taking a hit. The CEO of the Pizza chain was against the players taking a knee during the national anthem.

“You need to take this guy out” NFL owners on Roger Goodell

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Jerry Jones and John Schnatter

Schnatter also told his fellow owners that it was not his job to get rid of Goodell. “Remember, Goodell is a coward, and he is incompetent. And he’s just lucky. Jerry Jones, the owner of the Cowboys, Indra Nooyi, and Dan Snyder all called me- several other folks- about Goodell’s conduct and the way he was handling this. Jones and Dan Snyder… wanted Goodell fired. This is like… the first of November, end of October.”

“They called and said, ‘You need to take this guy out. You’re the number one sponsor of the league, as far as notoriety and acceptance and association. Everybody loves you, they love Peyton (Manning). We hate Goodell.”

Schnatter added that he denied this request as it was not his responsibility to take the commissioner out of his position, “He works for you, I just sell pizzas. I have a family of small businesses that, you know, probably 35% of our spend’s NFL, it’s down 20%. This behavior of not addressing the issue to the owners’ and players’ satisfaction is causing me and my franchisees a lot of problems. And this is going on now for two seasons… I had a free shot from two owners to go after Goodell personally. I didn’t go after him in a vicious, venomous way. I just said, ‘Hey, grow up, be a leader, and fix the problem so my small business owners stop taking it on the chin.”

Despite all of this, Roger Goodell went on to sign another contract that guaranteed him a sum of $50 million annually and access to a private jet for the remainder of his life. Schnatter on the other hand resigned as the chairman after he was embroiled in a scandal that involved him saying the N-word on a conference call.

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