“I’d be staring the ocean in silence…” Hollywood comedian APPALLED by Draymond Green criticizing Rudy Gobert after embarrassing season

Hollywood comedian Hannibal Buress was appalled by Draymond Green criticizing Rudy Gobert after his own embarrassing season. 

“I’d be staring the ocean in silence…” Hollywood comedian APPALLED by Draymond Green criticizing Rudy Gobert after embarrassing season

Draymond Green and Comedian Hannibal Buress

Comedian Hannibal Buress responded to Draymond Green’s criticism of Rudy Gobert’s defense on popular social media platform X (formerly known as Twitter).

Green had questioned Gobert’s defensive skills and why Karl-Anthony Towns was the one guarding Nikola Jokic instead of Gobert, who is the Defensive Player of the Year.

Buress then tweeted a rebuttal in which he called out Draymond Green. And made mention of Green’s disciplinary record in the just-concluded regular season. 

I don't know how I'd muster up the energy to podcast after ruining my squad's season with chokes and kicks. I'd be staring at the ocean in silence for 3 months straight. 
Comedian Hannibal Buress wrote on X

Buress’ response on social media was a lighthearted way of calling out what he saw as Green’s hypocrisy. However, fans seemed to have appreciated the humor, as it has shifted the focus away from Green’s criticism and now towards his own disciplinary record.

Furthermore, the exchange between Buress and Green was a reminder of how powerful a toll social media can take. Buress’ tweet has now added a much-needed lighthearted element to the conversation and beef between Rudy Gobert and Draymond Green

Justin Termine attacks Draymond Green for calling out Rudy Gobert over not guarding Nikola Jokic

NBA Today radio host Justin Termine has also called out GSW’s Draymond Green for his criticism of Rudy Gobert and labeled him a “hysterical hypocrite.” Green had criticized Gobert for not defending Nikola Jokic in the Western Conference semifinal, despite being the Defensive Player of the Year.

What a hysterical hypocrite. So, Rudy Gobert is expected to guard Jokic bc he’s the DPOY, but Iguodala is chasing around Lebron in the Finals instead of Draymond?
Justin Termine wrote on X

Furthermore, Termine argued that Green was in no position to make such remarks, and he pointed out that he himself did not guard LeBron James during the final matchups between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors. Instead, Andre Iguodala was tasked with defending James.

Termine’s response highlighted the hypocrisy in Green’s comments, just like Comedian Hannibal Buress pointed out, and suggested that Gobert was being held to an unfair standard. He also questioned why Gobert was expected to guard Jokic while Green himself had not taken on the responsibility of defending James in the finals.

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