How to get Music Disc in Minecraft?

The Music Disc in Minecraft is one of the most unique items that plays music if used in a Jukebox. Here is the sure-fire ways of getting them to finish the collections!

Music Disc in Minecraft
How to get Music Disc in Minecraft?

Minecraft has many items that the players can collect in-game and improve their collection. Among them one of the most sought after are the Music Disc in Minecraft and we take a look at how to get them!

Minecraft has many features that makes the players come back to the game. The blocky world is surely one of them, but a big aspect is also the music with beats and notes that charm the players to the world. There are currently 13 unique music discs that the players can obtain in the game

Here is how to obtain the Music Disc in Minecraft.

Music Disc in Minecraft

Music Disc in Minecraft
Music Disc in Minecraft

Music Discs are unique items that can play music when used inside a Jukebox in Minecraft. The discs are named and each one has a separate melody that the players can collect.

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Music Discs are very rare items that can only be found naturally spawning inside Chest loot in Dungeons, Woodland Mansions, Dungeons, Buried Accounts and Bastion Remnants.


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The music discs features music made by C418 and Lena Raine and has 13 unique variants and these are:

  • 13
  • cat
  • blocks
  • chirp
  • far
  • mall
  • mellohi
  • stal
  • strad
  • ward
  • 11
  • wait
  • Pigstep

How to get Music Disc in Minecraft?

Music Disc in Minecraft
Music Disc in Minecraft

Apart from the random Treasure loot, players can also use this sure way of getting music discs. The only way to get them is from Creeper mob loot. However, players cannot simply kill them and get the discs.

Players need to make sure that the Creeper dies from an arrow that is released by a Skeleton or a Stray. Only if they die by this arrow, will they drop the Music disc. The drop is random among the 13 discs.

On rare occasions, if an arrow from a skeleton triggers a TNT which kills a creeper, then too, they drop a Music Disc.

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