How to get Mob Heads in Minecraft?

How to get Mob Heads in Minecraft?

How to get Mob Heads in Minecraft?

Minecraft has a lot of unique items that the players can collect and increase their collection. This article we take a look at how to get Mob Heads in Minecraft and their uses.

Mob heads in Minecraft are majorly a decorative block that can be hard to find for new players. Mob heads are identical heads of some of the mobs that the players can collect. Players can get a total of 6 types of mob heads in the game as of now:

  • Player
  • Zombie
  • Skeleton
  • Wither Skeleton
  • Creeper
  • Dragon

We discuss how to get each of them and their location and process to obtain!

Mob Heads in Minecraft

Mob Heads in Minecraft
Mob Heads in Minecraft

Mob Heads are the corresponding heads of a mob that can be worn as a helmet or be simply used as a decorative item.

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Mob heads are easily broken with hand or with any tool or by hand. Out of the 6 mob heads in Minecraft mentioned above, only two can be obtained directly by easy methods. These are the Ender Dragon and Either Skeleton head.

They are used as decorations, as a helmet disguise or to call one particular mini boss! Alternatively, they are also used to create banner patterns and fireworks.

1) Wither Skeleton

Mob Heads in Minecraft
Wither Skeleton Head

Wither Skeletons have a 2.5% chance of dropping a Wither Skeleton Skull when killed by the player. This chance can be increased by the Looting Enchantment.

These are used to summon the Wither boss in Minecraft.

2) Dragon Head

Mob Heads in Minecraft
Dragon Head

This can only be obtained when the players defeat the Ender Dragon, travel to the End Dimension and find a End City with a End Ship docked at the side.

This has a very rare chance of happening and players can find the Dragon Head on the bow of the ship. Players can only find one of these in the entire game, making them one of the rarest collectible in the game.

3) Rest of the Mob Heads

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The other 4 heads cannot be obtained by killing the corresponding mobs. Players need to make sure that a Charged Creeper explodes near the mob head they want to obtain the guaranteed head.

This is the only method in the game to obtain the Zombie, Skeleton, Creeper and Player heads and is kind of difficult to obtain. However, players can learn how to get a Charged Creeper right here!

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