How to make a Fishing Rod in Minecraft: Materials, Uses and More!

Want to fish in Minecraft? Here's how you obtain the fishing rod to do so

How to make a Fishing Rod in Minecraft: Materials, Uses and More!

Fishing Rod in Minecraft (Image via Mojang Studios)

Minecraft has one of the most intricate and well-made survival gameplay loops ever. The massively successful game from Mojang Studios gives players a treacherous sandbox in which they can explore and earn resources to build many structures.

The fishing rod is one such essential craftable item that gamers should craft as early as possible in the dangerous world of Minecraft. So here’s a guide that will help gamers craft and make the fishing rod in Minecraft.

Resources needed for crafting the fishing rod in Minecraft

Gamers can craft a fishing rod with relative ease in Minecraft. Players will need essential and crucial resources to craft the fishing rod in Mojang’s Studios Minecraft as early as possible.

Fishing Rod Minecraft
Fishing Rod Minecraft ( Image via Mojang Studios)

Here are the necessary resources:

  • Crafting table
  • 3 sticks
  • 2 string

Crafting the fishing rod in Minecraft:

To craft the ever-important fishing rod, gamers must open the 3×3 crafting grid. After this, they will have to place one stick in the last box of the front row. Then, they will have to place the stick in the grid box in the middle of the second row and add a string to its right.

Fishing Rod in Minecraft
Recipe For Fishing Rod

Finally, the last step that gamers must take is placing one string in the first box of the third row and then adding a string to the previous box. Here’s the explanation in brief for players to read with ease:

  • Place one stick in the last box of the middle row.
  • Then, place another stick into the grid box in the second row’s middle.
  • Add a string to its right.
  • Place one string in the first box of the third, last row
  • Add string to the last box as well

Enchantments for Fishing Rods

  • Lure: Higher chance of getting an item.
  • Luck of the Sea: Higher chance of getting rare items.
  • Unbreaking: Less durability loss on each cast.
  • Mending: Consumes EXP to mend the rod.
  • Curse of Vanishing: Disappears when dropped.

Uses of fishing rod in Minecraft

To use the fishing rod in the world of Minecraft, gamers will have to go near a water body first. Gamers will have to then throw their fishing line. After this, gamers will have to showcase patience and hook bobs underwater.

Once the fish is hooked, gamers will have to click the appropriate button at the right time to pull in the fish. Gamers will have a chance to fish their hearts out.

Fishing is one of the best ways to spend time in Minecraft. With a constant supply of fish, gamers will have a steady food supply to help them survive in Mojang Studios‘ Minecraft.

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