How to tame a Horse in Minecraft: Food, location and more!

The Horse in Minecraft is the primary mode of transport that the p[layers can get easily and is very fast! Follow the steps down below to tame your own Horse!

Horse in Minecraft
How to tame a Horse in Minecraft

Minecraft is all about building and adventure and players need a ideal transport to travel the world. In this article we take a look at how to tame a Horse in Minecraft and use it for riding!

The World of Minecraft is vast and players traverse it for various reasons and adventuring and procuring materials are a few of them. However, there aren’t any cars or trains in Minecraft for the players to make a quick journey. There are other means of transport that are fast, efficient and of course fun.

Therefore, down below we take a look at how to tame a Horse in Minecraft and make it your friend for life!

Horse in Minecraft

 Horse in Minecraft
Horse in Minecraft

The Horse in Minecraft is a passive mob that the players can tame and then ride. They come in different colors in the world!

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The horse spawns in plains or savannas in packs of 2-6 and can either be white, black, creamy, chestnut, brown, grey or dark brown. They have unique coats and are different from one another and in total there are 35 variants.

An untamed horse will drop the players and if the player tries to saddle it, it will flail and jump to resist. Players need to tame them before riding.

Drops, Breeding & Armor

 Horse in Minecraft
Horse in Minecraft

The Horses drop Leather and Experience when killed. Players can breed horses by feeding them Golden Apples or Golden Carrots, upon which they spawn a horse foal. It also restores their heath bar if they are injured.

The horse can also be given a horse armor to make it resistant to damage. The horse armors are classified as :

  • Diamond Horse Armor
  • Leather Horse Armor
  • Iron Horse Armor
  • Gold Horse Armor

How to tame a Horse in Minecraft?

 Horse in Minecraft
Horse in Minecraft

Players can tame a horse just by clicking and trying to ride it enough times. Horses have a temper meter which is set the first time the player tries to ride it. Upon each try the meter rises and gets closer to being tame.

Players can feed it Wheat to make the temper meter rise faster so that it becomes tame more easily. Mounting it enough times will then show hearts rising from the Horse, which means that it has been successfully tamed.

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However, players still cannot ride the horse as there is no saddle to control it. Click here to see how to build a saddle and go on adventures with your new stead!

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