“I don’t think they were that good” Nick Wright slams the Cincinnati Bengals for their unsustainable play style

The Cincinnati Bengals may have won the hearts of the nation in 2021. But, they failed to win Super Bowl LVI. Nick Wright believes that this was their one opportunity to get a ring, and that they don't play a sustainable form of football.

Nick Wright and Joe Burrow
Nick Wright and Joe Burrow

The Cincinnati Bengals consistently defied the odds in the 2021 NFL season. The result of that saw them make their first Super Bowl appearance in over 30 years.

While they ultimately went on to lose Super Bowl LVI, the Cincinnati Bengals captured the hearts of the nation along the way. Led by their young stars, Joe Burrow and Ja’Marr Chase, Cincy won their division and then beat both Tennesse and Kansas City away from home to get to the Super Bowl.

Many people believe that the youth of the team allows them to be a force in the future. Nick Wright, however, believes that this Cincinnati Bengals team doesn’t have what it takes to keep up the success.

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Nick Wright calls out the Cincinnati Bengals ‘weak’ wins

Joe Burrow for the Cincinnati Bengals
Joe Burrow

Appearing on Colin Cowherd’s show ‘The Herd’, Nick Wright was asked about the Cincinnati Bengals’ chances to succeed next season to which he responded “I think this was their one opportunity. I don’t think they were that good of a team this year. At the end of the year, they lost 8 times and they had 5 wins that came on field goals as time expired or in overtime.”

Wright further added “They’re in a division where every quarterback got hurt except theirs. Lamar missed the second half of the year, Baker was hurt all year and Big Ben had his situation. So they had all of that and still barely won the division. I think they clearly have the worst coach in their division.”

Wright summed up his thoughts by saying “If you were to ask me, what’s more likely, that the Bengals are in the AFC Championship next year or that they miss the playoffs? I would easily say, miss the playoffs. I think the AFC is really hard and I don’t think what the Bengals did is sustainable.”

Always being in close games is not a recipe for success in the NFL and the Cincinnati Bengals learned that the hard way. Their biggest problems were exposed to the world in the Super Bowl. But, that also means they clearly know what they need to change. If they can fill gaps in free agency and the draft, it’s quite possible they will remain a contender in the AFC.

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