“I hope he inspires the next generation,” Lewis Hamilton pins his hopes on youngsters to take a lead from Sebastian Vettel’s journey as a driver

Sebastian Vettel is a big inspiration for young generations to come as he has worked over the things outside the motorsport says Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel
Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel
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Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel are long-gone rivals and also really good friends. The duo managed to dominate the sport for about 10 years meanwhile they also worked on bettering the environment and world in general. Lewis Hamilton sees Sebastian as a very good inspiration for young drivers to choose from after the 34-year-old showed the world a way to improve.

Sebastian Vettel decided to stop his journey after the 2022 season announcing his retirement from the sport. This move could make ways for new young talent to showcase their ability to drive at the pinnacle of motorsport. Lewis Hamilton sees this as a better opportunity for the young drivers to make their way in the sport with inspiration not only to race but see things over it.

“I really hope he inspires the next generation. Whether it’s this one or the younger generation that will be coming through, to be more confident in utilising their platform, realising it’s not just about them and their car,” said Lewis.

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Lewis Hamilton opens up with Sebastian Vettel as once in a generational talent

Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton
Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton understands how good Sebastian Vettel is losing out to him four times in a row. But outside track Sebastian is a gem of a person trying his best to improve the world and the environment. Lewis fighting for the same cause appreciates Vettel’s concern over the same.

“Ultimately I think that in general we often stand on the shoulders of greats from the past, whether it’s in this sport or other sports. It’s about something far, far bigger than being here. I really hope we see more people like him. But, I can’t guarantee that, because I think he’s rare,” said Lewis.

Sebastian Vettel only has eight more races to go after Abu Dhabi he has a whole lot of time to spend and think about the best possible result for his life. Lewis expects him to work his way ahead in philanthropy as his next challenge and waste the time at a bare minimum.

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