If the regulations hadn’t changed in 2014 Red Bull would’ve been as dominant as Mercedes says Max Verstappen

Max Verstappen suggested what made Red Bull lack after winning four consecutive championships.

Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen

Red Bull’s ace driver Max Verstappen opinionated on the Mercedes dominance on the grid as of date. He also suggested what made Red Bull lack after winning four consecutive championships. Eight years ago, Red Bull were as dominant as Mercedes is today. But in 2014, as the regulations changed about the V6 hybrid engines, Mercedes got past Red Bull. Ever since that the Milton Keynes-based outfit has always been in Mercedes shadow. 

Red Bull’s ace driver feels if the restrictions hadn’t come in existence in 2014, Red Bull would’ve maintained its dominance on the grid. However, Verstappen hopes that his own team can catch up to the Brackley-based outfit. 

Verstappen on Mercedes replacing Red Bull’s dominance 

The Dutchman said, “To be honest with you, I think if at the end of 2013, if the regulations wouldn’t have changed, I think Red Bull could have done the same, you know, if the V6 wasn’t introduced. 

“It’s just, I think in a way, it came perfect for them [Mercedes]. Of course, you know, the V6 era, they prepared very early on, and they were well equipped with a good power unit from the start. And that, of course, initially I think, really helped them a lot.” 

The Silver Arrows have gone from strength to strength in the last seven years. The German team continue to keep improving with their car and the fact that they have one of the best drivers in F1 history also helps their cause. 

He continued being optimistic about 2021 season, “I think we’ve improved the car significantly. I think we’ve understood what those issues are and I think that, hopefully, that can be further addressed as we go into next year. 

“We need a car that performs at a whole variety of circuits, which Mercedes have been very good at producing. That’s where we need to be strong next year. We’ve got to be strong on all types of circuit, particularly with a 23 race calendar.” 

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