‘It should have been done before,’ Austin Dillon calls out NASCAR for not solving the flat tire issues with Next-Gen cars earlier

Find out what Austin Dillon had to say about the next-gen car’s tire issues and the time it might take to fix it

Austin Dillon
Austin Dillon

The Next-Gen cars have been a revolution for NASCAR and even the fans who were skeptical about the new cars are appreciating the performance produced by the new car. But after two rounds of racing fans and drivers are not happy about the new tire issues which are costing the team crucial wins or point finishes.

The newly introduced 18-inch single nut wheels are facing certain problems with 3 teams already being penalized for wheels coming off just 3 races to the season. Now Richard Childress Racing driver Austin Dillon has come out expressing his concerns over the tires and called out NASCAR for not identifying the issues before.

Richard Childress Racing missed out on a win in last week’s Auto Club 400 in Fontana after their drive Tyler Reddick had to bail out due to a  flat tire after leading 90 laps of the race in the last stages and his teammate Austin Dillon failed to top the eventual winner though he was able to secure his career-best finish at P2.

Find out what Austin Dillon said

Austin Dillon and Tyler Reddick
Austin Dillon and Tyler Reddick

Austin Dillon acknowledged that NASCAR needs to keep things simple with the changes that are going to be implemented as he finds the team and crew exhausted with the work they have done so far. He went on to say that an additional change might increase the load the crew already has and added that he doesn’t see changes being materialized during the ongoing west coast swing.  

Right now, the best choice for NASCAR is to help the teams as much as they can to keep it as simple as possible. Our guys are working their tails off right now just to get the cars to the track. They’re exhausted,” Austin Dillon said

Any type of change like that just puts a new load on them to try and come up with setups and change the cars. I don’t think that change is going to happen right away, especially when we’re on this West Coast Swing,” Austin Dillon said

Austin Dillon went on to say sudden changes may hurt the cars which had been producing good races adding the ideas that are put out is either time consuming or compromises some other areas. He said that the changes should have come before and also shared his hope that the problems will be fixed soon.

It’s pretty complicated to fix the problem because we’ve seen good racing so far. A lot of people like what we saw in Fontana as far as the racing goes. So, when you go to change some of that stuff, it can hurt it,Austin Dillon said.

There have been some good ideas I think thrown out there, but they’re time-consuming and could set you back in other areas. It should have been done before, but we’re in it now. It’s something that we’ll get fixed and we’ll just have to be patient with it and in the meantime enjoy the good racing,” Austin Dillon added.

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