“It would benefit F1,” Lando Norris opines on the potential entry of new teams and drivers in the coming years

Lando Norris talks about more possible teams on the grid.

Michael Andretti
Michael Andretti

Lando Norris thinks it would be more decent and better if there were more teams on the F1 grid, and he has his reasons for the same. The speculation of Andretti getting into the sport remains unclear as of now, and it is only getting more difficult for the American team to get into the sport. As for entering themselves, Andretti has stated that they are prepared to pay the minimum $200 million for a new entry, with the money being distributed among the current teams. Despite this, the other teams have had a muted reaction to Andretti; few of them want to see their annual prize money diminished by the addition of an 11th team to the grid.

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If Michael Andretti is successful in starting an Andretti team, he has stated that he wants to bring in American driver Colton Herta to the sport in addition to his organization’s current Formula E entry. Michael Andretti is in charge of the project as he looks for a path into F1.  At the same time, the other American team in the sport, Haas F1 team, have had a tough time building themselves up, and there were also talks about selling the team to someone else, so it is certainly a challenge.

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Lando Norris interested in having more teams

McLaren driver Lando Norris
McLaren driver Lando Norris

Norris has stated that  he wouldn’t dislike some more teams on the grid with a few more cars; not many, but maybe 22 or 24, like he saw his entire childhood. According to him, that is a decent number of cars on the grid. 

“I mean, I think it’d be good,” PlanetF1 quoted him. 

“I see more cars as probably a good thing. Not too many more. But I think if it’s 22 or 24, I think that’s a decent amount. I think that’s what it used to be a few years ago when I kind of grew up watching Formula 1. So I think that’s great.

“More opportunities, I guess, for people to get into Formula 1 too and, if it’s for someone like Colton, then it’s fully deserved.”

Herta is well-known to Norris, who raced alongside the American as a teammate at Carlin in the 2015 MSA Formula Championship. Norris stated he had little doubt Herta will be able to shine in F1 if given the chance, given the buzz surrounding him as one of the promising young talents of IndyCar.

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