Jay-Z gets special tour of LA Clippers’ new $2 billion worth home

Los Angeles Clippers are about to start a new era in their franchise history by moving to the Intuit Dome.

Jay-Z gets special tour of LA Clippers’ new $2 billion worth home

Rapper Jay-Z gets a special tour with owner Steve Ballmer at the Los Angeles Clippers new $2 billion Intuit Dome

The Los Angeles Clippers are about to move into the Intuit Dome next season. Billionaire owner Steve Ballmer is about to make his vision come true as they move out of the shadows of their illustrious neighbors and look towards building their own legacy. For this, they decided to bring musical great Jay-Z to the Dome, just to build up the hype.

A video shared on social media shows the rapper cum producer being shown around the Intuit Dome by owner Steve Ballmer. The arena is still under construction but is close to being finished and only the interior work seems to be remaining. However, being the passionate owner that he is, Ballmer is seen explaining all that is yet to come up inside the arena. Jay-Z loves basketball. Hence it was not a surprise that the rapper took keen interest in the newest NBA arena.

The Los Angeles Clippers are looking to create their own identity by moving out of the Crypto.com arena. A place dominated by their illustrious neighbors, the Los Angeles Lakers. They want to hang any future banners in their own arena.

It marks a significant shift in the franchise’s history. They are trying to push themselves over the top and win their 1st NBA title. Thereby make their mark in the league as a winning franchise. However, before they do that, they have a lot of questions regarding their roster they need to solve.

Los Angeles Clippers have a roster headache to solve

Kawhi Leonard is the only superstar on the team with a long-term contract. Paul George has a player option for next season but has looked increasingly likely to decline it. After all, he seems to have grown frustrated with the playoff exits. Now all signs point to him leaving for another contender.

Russell Westbrook also has a player option. But unless he gets a significant offer from another contender, he is most likely to stay pat with the Clippers. Then there is James Harden, the only true free agent among their superstars. But he is looking for a long-term major payday – something the Clippers will have to negotiate and come to a middle ground.

All of these superstars are playing in their hometown. But the lure of money and championship-caliber teams could break them apart. Steve Ballmer has to solve this problem before they start life in their new arena.

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