“I would not be here without Boston…” Kyrie Irving, despite ugly past, credits Celtics franchise and experience

Kyrie Irving is ready to return to the TD Garden for his fourth NBA finals.

“I would not be here without Boston…” Kyrie Irving, despite ugly past, credits Celtics franchise and experience

Kyrie Irving is grateful for his time in Boston

Kyrie Irving has never shied away from expressing his honest thoughts about his former team, the Boston Celtics. The Boston fanbase and Irving have shared a love-hate relationship over the years. The fans were excited as the star joined the team, but were equally furious when he left. The relationship never seemed to have been restored after that.

However, as Kyrie Irving is competing in the finals again against the Boston Celtics, the star is looking at the past positively. While speaking with ESPN’s Malika Andrews, despite his ugly past with the team, Irving expressed gratitude for the city of Boston.

I put it in a very simple perspective now. I would not be here without Boston literally and figuratively. Just because without going through what I went through here, I would not be who I am today…I'm grateful that I have history here. 
Kyrie Irving said

Irving has accepted all the ups and downs in his journey with Boston and has also forgiven the person he was during the time. Further, the star reflected on avoiding the ‘blame game’ and showing appreciation towards the staff, former teammates, and even the fans. Now, Irving has moved on and will focus on playing his best game as the opponent at the Celtics’ homecourt.

Irving is an essential piece of the team’s roster and a lot of credit for the team’s success goes to the star. The Mavericks guard will make his fourth final appearance and his first at Dallas. The 32-year-old will return to the TD Garden for the first game.

Kyrie Irving reflected on his past behavior in Boston

Irving is in a much better place currently, but that was not the case a few years ago. During his time with the Brooklyn Nets, Irving had some of the most intense incidents while visiting Boston. From getting into altercations with fans to stomping the team’s logo, the star showed his raw feelings for the team.

As the times have changed now, Irving admitted that he was that is not who he is. The guard regrets showing his emotions and responding to the criticism from the fans. Irving was speaking during the practice press conference.

Last time in Boston, I don't think that was the best.. not this regular season, but when we played in the playoffs and everyone saw me flip off the birds and kind of lose my s**t a little bit. That wasn't a great reflection of who I am and how I like to compete on a high level.
Kyrie Irving said

Irving does not want to repeat his behavior and only wants to do his best for Mavs. As Irving is the most experienced on the Mavericks roster and his teammates also look up to him as a leader, the star certainly has big shoes to fill. His finals performance is something fans are certainly looking forward to.

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