“He knows how to do everything,” John McEnroe has a clear favorite between Carlos Alcaraz and Jannik Sinner

Alcaraz and Sinner are going to face each other today in the semi-final of the 2024 French Open.

“He knows how to do everything,” John McEnroe has a clear favorite between Carlos Alcaraz and Jannik Sinner

Carlos Alcaraz, John McEnroe and Jannik Sinner (Via Imago)

The two best next-gen players, Carlos Alcaraz and Jannik Sinner, face off in the biggest match of the French Open so far. Their semifinal match will be the ninth meeting between the two and nothing separates them, with both having four wins against the other. 

John McEnroe, celebrated American player turned commentator, voiced his opinions on this battle of the youngsters and heaped praise onto Carlos Alcaraz, whom he backs to emerge victorious despite Sinner being undefeated in Grand Slam matches so far this year.

Alcaraz is my favorite player. He knows how to do everything. He is so complete for his age. It's hard not to love the way he speaks and performs. I have never seen such a strong player at that age. It seemed impossible after knowing the three greatest of all time. I think he will inspire a lot of young people. He brings electricity to the game. It's great to watch. Sinner is impressive too. This is going to be a great rivalry.
John McEnroe said to Le Figaro

McEnroe hails Alcaraz as his favorite player and says the Spanish prodigy can do anything he wants on the court, recognizing his talent. He also compares Alcaraz to the big three, the highest praise a tennis player can receive.

Despite picking Alcaraz as his favorite, McEnroe gave due credit to Sinner, who has had an unbelievable year thus far. The American hopes to see more of their rivalry in the years to come.

John McEnroe slams the French Open after Novak Djokovic is forced to withdraw due to a knee injury

The French Open organization is facing a lot of heat for their unusual and unwelcome scheduling of matches. This backlash crescendoed when Novak Djokovic withdrew from the tournament due to the condition of his knee worsening after playing two consecutive five-setters with less than a day’s break.

John McEnroe(L), Novak Djokovic(R)
John McEnroe(L), Novak Djokovic(R) (Via Imago)

The 37-year-old played a young Lorenzo Musetti at 10.30 pm local time in a match that lasted over four hours, ending at 3:07 am. He then had to rest for the remaining part of the day and get on court for his match against Francisco Cerundolo the day after, where he was visibly uncomfortable due to the lack of recovery time. 

Putting Djokovic, 37, on the court at 10:30 p.m. (against Musetti in the third round), without knowing how long his match would last, was a huge mistake on the part of the organization--The weather was very bad, and they were in a difficult situation. I understand that they wanted to catch up, but there were other solutions to finish the other match (Bergs vs. Dimitrov).
John McEnroe said

McEnroe was not delighted with the scheduling, saying it was unreasonable to schedule Djokovic’s match so late when the weather was also bad and he was rumored to have been suffering with a knee injury for weeks. The match, initially scheduled to begin at 8 pm, was delayed as the match before that took longer than expected.

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