“He is a f**king killer…” Jon Jones WARNED by nemesis on overlooking Stipe Miocic in legacy fight

Daniel Cormier warns former rival Jon Jones of dismissing the old veteran.

“He is a f**king killer…” Jon Jones WARNED by nemesis on overlooking Stipe Miocic in legacy fight

Daniel Cormier cautions Jon Jones from laying off Stipe Miocic (via Imago)

Jon Jones and Stipe Miocic are on a collision course to establish themselves as the best heavyweight. Daniel Cormier has issued a blunt cautionary message to Jones. Cormier has battled both men during his illustrious career. As such, Cormier had some words of wisdom for “Bones.”

Daniel Cormier talked about this in a recent video on his YouTube channel. He gave props to the 41-year-old Stipe Miocic for his willingness to fight arguably the best fighter of all time. He also warned the heavyweight champion not to overlook Miocic.

I will warn you this, don’t overlook Stipe Miocic. He is a f***ing killer, and if you overlook him he will put you out…He’s just that good. 42, 35, 31, 38 [years old], don’t matter. Miocic is gonna show up.
Daniel Cormier via YouTube

The decorated former two-division UFC champion clearly understood Miocic’s devastating capabilities first-hand. Despite being 41 years old, Cormier believed Miocic remained an elite force who could put anyone out. Jon Jones and Miocic were originally slated to fight last November at UFC 295. However, Jones withdrew due to a torn pectoral muscle.

Now fully healed, Jones will finally get his long-awaited showdown with Miocic soon. It’s a legacy fight that would pit arguably two of the greatest fighters against each other. Plus, the fight remains a lucrative payday for both of them. Miocic quitely derailed the retirement plan of Cormier in 2020. As such, Cormier could see a similar outcome for Jones if he takes Miocic lightly.

Daniel Cormier fires back at Jon Jones for manipulating facts

The heated rivalry between Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones is among the fiercest in the UFC. The two legends have gone back and forth. Cormier recently accused Jones of twisting the facts to discredit his title reign. It all started when Cormier, now a UFC commentator, criticized Jones for not wanting to face interim heavyweight champion Tom Aspinall next.

Daniel Cormier fact checks Jon Jones
Daniel Cormier fact-checks Jon Jones (via YouTube)

Jones is not one to back down and fired back, attempting to diminish Cormier’s legacy as a champion. Well, DC was having none of that. In a YouTube video, Cormier set the record straight in his trademark no-nonsense style. He reminded Jones that during his title reign, Jones was suspended for failing a drug test and was not out due to injury.

It’s not the same, he was incapable of competing when I was the champion. He was not allowed to compete when I was the champion. Not due to injury, due to illegal substances found inside his body.
Daniel Cormier via YouTube

The former Olympian didn’t mince words. He essentially said that Jones had no right to dismiss his title run as Jones caused it in the first place. It’s a fair point, though. At the end of the day, Jones and Cormier’s rivalry keeps popping up years after they last fought. This may very well be on till they are old and grey!

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