Justin Jefferson admits being jealous of the partnership between Joe Burrow and Ja’Marr Chase at Bengals

Jefferson and the Vikings are currently looking at a QB problem.

Justin Jefferson admits being jealous of the partnership between Joe Burrow and Ja’Marr Chase at Bengals

In background: Ja'Marr Chase and Joe Burrow; In circle: Justin Jefferson (Via Imago)

Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Justin Jefferson recently acknowledged feeling some jealousy toward his former teammates and the current Cincinnati Bengals stars Joe Burrow and Ja’Marr Chase. He also hinted at a desire to reunite with them as a part of their former trio.


The trio formed a strong bond while playing college football together at LSU. Their chemistry on the field was widely praised. After LSU won the National Championship in 2019, Justin Jefferson (Minnesota Vikings) and Joe Burrow (Cincinnati Bengals) were drafted for the 2020 NFL season. The following year, Ja’Marr Chase was selected by the Bengals.

While Burrow and Chase made it to the Super Bowl game in the 2021 season, Jefferson has been far away from such wins. The Vikings WR’s individual stats are off the roof but the ultimate glory still awaits for him.

In a recent interview, Jefferson expressed admiration for how his former teammates have excelled together on the Bengals squad. Reflecting on his team’s postseason aspirations, Jefferson candidly admitted feeling left out seeing his former duo shine in the professional league.

I love them together; I love the chemistry that they have, but it's definitely some jealousy on that side--But I loved it, being at LSU with him - he's my brother. So it's something that's gonna last forever. Of course, me and Ja'Marr are always confident in our ourselves to go out there and kill anybody that steps in front of us. 
Justin Jefferson told comedian Kevin Hart on ‘Cold As Balls’ from LOL Network

One cannot blame Jefferson for his current feelings. After the departure of Kirk Cousins from the Vikings squad, the team, and Jefferson obviously, are in dire need of an exceptional QB to rely upon. The ‘jealousy’ part is also visible in the team’s and WR’s current contract negotiations.

Justin Jefferson is facing a paternity suit currently

While Jefferson is on the lookout for a quality passer for himself, his off-field struggles too have piled up. Presently, Jefferson is having trouble with his ex-girlfriend. Andrea Galea, his ex-girlfriend, filed a paternity suit against the star wide receiver earlier this year.

Justin Jefferson
Justin Jefferson (via Imago)

She has accused him of pressuring her for a forceful abortion. Galea has also asked for financial support and healthcare coverage from Jefferson.

Upon his realization that he could not persuade the Plaintiff to abort the pregnancy, Defendant began acting towards her with great insensitivity and extreme cruelty. The Defendant blocked the Plaintiff from communicating with him, and coldly told her to ‘[T]alk to me when the legal stuff come up. “Although he earns millions of dollars per year, Defendant has not provided a penny of financial support for the Child." 
the complaint read as per Daily Mail

Jefferson was quick to counter the claim. The case is presently going on in the Essex County, New Jersey Family Court. It is to be seen whether the WR manages to get released from all charges brought against him.


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