“I let him down,” Former WWE Champion breaks silence after a heartbreaking loss on Raw

Kofi Kingston is heartbroken after failing to bring the King of the Ring crown to the New Day.

“I let him down,” Former WWE Champion breaks silence after a heartbreaking loss on Raw

Kofi Kingston suffers heartbreaking loss on Raw (via WWE)

The King of the Ring quarter-final matches on the latest episode of Monday Night Raw saw Jey Uso and Gunther proceed to the semi-final round. Unfortunately, there had to be casualties along the way. Both Ilja Dragunov and Kofi Kingston gave post-match interviews with Cathy Kelly to express their thoughts about being eliminated from the tournament.


In the interview, Kofi Kingston said he knew he was in for a war against Gunther. Moreover, he asserted that the Austrian would go down as the greatest Intercontinental Champion of all time. The former WWE Champion revealed that he did not like to win matches by count-out. However, he was aware that one should immediately pounce on an opportunity to beat the Ring General if it presented itself.

Furthermore, one should never miss out on an opportunity to advance in the King of the Ring tournament. The New Day member wished to win the tournament for Xavier Woods. The Raw superstar felt like he had disappointed his stablemate after his loss despite having a really close match.

As close as it was, I really wanted to do it for Woods, felt like I let him down.
Kofi Kingston on WWE Raw

Xavier Woods is the reigning King of the Ring, having won the tournament in 2021. While he was not a part of the tournament this time, he publicly endorsed Kingston to bring the crown back to the New Day. Later, Ilja Dragunov also expressed regret during his interview after losing to Jey Uso.


Kofi Kingston reflects on becoming the first-ever African-born WWE Champion

KofiMania was inarguably the highlight of Kofi Kingston’s career. His moment at WrestleMania 35 immortalised his legacy. The Stamford-based promotion has only witnessed a handful of African American champions in its history. Furthermore, the Ghanaian also became the only African-born wrestler to be crowned WWE Champion to date.

Kofi Kingston Big E Xavier Woods The New Day
KofiMania (via WWE)

On the Battleground Podcast, Kingston said that there were a lot of people who believed they would never see an African-born champion on TV. He was extremely humbled when he saw videos or heard people’s stories about their kids witnessing KofiMania with their eyes lighting up.

Kingston was grateful as many people came before him who put in a lot of work for the African American community and people from other diverse cultures. He was grateful that he was the right person in the right place at the right time.

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