Kyrie Irving gives four-word response to Mavs blowing home court advantage as OKC tie series 2-2

Mavericks Kyrie Irving had a poor shooting night in the loss of Game 4 against the Thunder.

Kyrie Irving gives four-word response to Mavs blowing home court advantage as OKC tie series 2-2

Kyrie Irving is looking further after the Mavericks loss in Game 4.

The Dallas Mavericks series against the Oklahoma City Thunder did not start on a high note as they lost the opening game. After that, the team fortunately found their momentum and won two incredible consecutive games, marking their return to the series. However, the glory could only last long as the Mavericks got embarrassed at their home court in Game 4 yesterday.

The Dallas Mavericks were looking good to win the game for most minutes but lost in the final moments. As many fans were disappointed by the team’s performance, Kyrie Irving had a positive response after the game. During the post-game interview, while the reporters asked Irving about what the Mavericks need to do in the series, the star had a straightforward answer.

Don't panic. Stay poised. It's not time to have irrational emotions towards a game like tonight. 
Kyrie Irving said

Irving further acknowledged that the game was in the Mavericks’ control, but the team was unable to make the clutch plays. The 32-year-old also took note of his foul trouble during crucial times and took responsibility for his performance. According to Irving, the team’s performance was good enough to win, but the team failed to get to the finish line.

Irving, who is one of the scoring pillars of the team, had a poor shooting night. The star was 4/11 from the field and only had nine points in 41 minutes. The team also had shooting issues as the Mavericks missed many essential free throws to close out the game. The Oklahoma City Thunder took advantage of the situation and won the game 100-96 to tie the series.

Like Kyrie Irving, Luka Doncic is also looking at the next game positively

While talking about the loss, Irving praised the Mavericks’ overall performance of the game but stated that the team missed the ‘little things’ including free throws and offensive rebounds. In the press conference, Luka Doncic echoed Irving’s response as he is also looking at the next game positively.

The guard was asked if there were any concerns about the loss and the team’s ability to make a comeback. The star clarified that the team had a tough performance but missed out on some of the ‘details’ that caused the loss. Further, Doncic showed faith in his team to win the series.

No concern. Just got to be ready. We got to play hard like we did tonight, I think we played really hard. Big energy today. But like I said, some details cost us the game. We just got to be ready again. Obviously, it's going to be hard on the road but we've done it before and we can do it again.
Luka Doncic said

The Mavericks did have a fantastic win on the road in Game 2, which will certainly create confidence for the team. If the team manages to play consistently throughout the next game and not repeat Monday’s mistakes, the Mavericks might succeed at regaining the lead.

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