“Future still being written,” Kyrie Irving gets real about ending career at Dallas Mavericks alongside Luka Doncic

Kyrie Irving has a three-year deal with Dallas Mavericks before he becomes free agent in 2026.

“Future still being written,” Kyrie Irving gets real about ending career at Dallas Mavericks alongside Luka Doncic

Kyrie Irving talked about his future with Luka Doncic and the Mavericks.

It took seven years for Kyrie Irving to return to the NBA finals. After the star left the Cleveland Cavaliers, the journey started to go downhill for Irving as he did not achieve much with his next two teams. However, things started changing after he joined the Dallas Mavericks last year.

Kyrie Irving‘s happiness and improvement were clearly visible during this year. As the season is on the verge of ending, ESPN’s Malika Andrews asked if Irving sees himself retiring as a Maverick. Irving was uncertain about the future but was delighted by the idea.

The future is still being written. But I can tell you that with all the extensions that are going around with J Kidd and Nico and potentially the summer with Luka I don't mind being complimentary if we're gonna continue to put this band together.  
Kyrie Irving on ESPN

The 32-year-old is focusing on the present as he is unaware of what the future might behold. However, Irving admitted that the Dallas Mavericks roster has some ‘great pieces’ and he has thoroughly enjoyed his time with the team so far.

Irving’s chemistry flourished with the roster, especially with Luka Doncic. The duo’s incredible outing even started the talks about the greatest backcourts in NBA history. Irving also helped Doncic qualify for his first finals and a chance to win another championship for himself before retiring.

Kyrie Irving stated that the ‘greatest’ portion of his career is with the Mavericks

Irving won his first and only championship with the Cavaliers and was at the peak of his career. The star also recently spoke about ‘missing’ former teammate, LeBron James. However, his time in Cleveland is not the best in Irving’s eyes.

As Irving is the most experienced on the Mavericks’ roster, the guard enjoys his leadership role in the team. While speaking with Vincent Goodwill of Yahoo Sports, Irving revealed that his time in Dallas is the greatest among any of his other teams.

This has been the greatest… portion of my career. To be able to now give wisdom and also speak from a place of experience. When you're a young person, again, you're trying to speed through life, you're trying to get through everything.  
Kyrie Irving on Yahoo Sports

With the Mavericks, Irving is focusing on the team goals rather than individual goals. The star is enjoying his time with the team as he wants to be remembered as a part of a great final. Irving sees that happening with the Mavericks.

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