Michael Jordan fan Stephen A Smith vows to crown LeBron James as ‘GOAT’ if Lakers beat Denver Nuggets and become champions

King James already has a GOAT status career to leave his fans with.

Michael Jordan fan Stephen A Smith vows to crown LeBron James as ‘GOAT’ if Lakers beat Denver Nuggets and become champions

Michael Jordan, LeBron James and Stephen A. Smith

The debate over the GOAT between Michael Jordan and LeBron James is a classic of the modern era. LeBron, still active at 39, is seeking his fifth title, while Jordan retired after his sixth ring at 36. James has made ten Finals appearances and won four of them, adding to his impressive resume.


As James and the Lakers face the reigning champs Denver Nuggets in the first round, Stephen A. Smith believes James would take the GOAT title if he advances further on the playoffs road. The Lakers faced Nikola Jokic and the Nuggets in the Conference Finals last year, which turned into a sweep for the Los Angeles-based team. But this time, given James’ age, the Lakers’ position in the West, and other factors, the winning outcome will definitely positively impact the King’s legacy.

Michael Jordan is the greatest player of all time, I don't give a damn what anybody says. He is the absolute greatest. But I have to confess, If LeBron James beats Denver and marches forward to ultimately win another chip, I don’t know how strong my argument is going to be on behalf of Jordan moving forward. 
said Stephen A. Smith via First Take

Though it won’t be as easy, beating the reigning champs to move forward and possibly win the title as a 7th seed would be a feat to witness. The Nuggets look well prepared ahead of the playoffs, looking forward to the matchup against the Lakers.

LeBron James and the Lakers seek redemption against the Nuggets

Coming off a solid recent record, the Lakers have been pretty strong following the All-Star break. As they beat the Pelicans to advance to the playoffs, LeBron James and the Lakers have considerable momentum going up against the Joker’s squad.


They are scheduled to take on the Nuggets on the road on the 20th of April. James and company look to seek redemption, as come off a 0-8 record versus Denver.

Regardless, if they do manage to win the first round, the Lakers will have tougher opponents to deal with. Teams like the Clippers, the Wolves and the Thunder along with the Nuggets are the favorites to come out of the West.

If one does look at the Lakers in the Finals, they are more likely to face the Boston Celtics. The chances of the men in purple and gold winning it all are pretty slim, though if they do manage to pull it off, it will have a significant impact on LeBron James’ GOAT status, as Stephen A. mentioned.

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