Micheal Holding doesn’t know whats going on – Jofra Archer on Englands perspective

Micheal Holding had given strong statements after the Australian skipper, Aaron Finch statement on taking a knee.

pic-Jofra Archer(left)and Micheal Holding(right)

Micheal Holding the West-Indian fast bowler was quite vocal on the Black Lives Matter(BLM) campaign. He had welcomed the decision of England, West-Indies, and Ireland Cricket teams to take a knee in support of the BLM campaign.

However, he lashed out at Aaron Finch after the Australian skipper’s statement on taking a knee.

England and Australia Cricket team together decided to skip the tradition of taking a knee. Aaron Finch the Australian captain explained the decision of the same.

Jofra Archer, the caribbean born fast bowler representing England has criticized Micheal Holding. Archer said Micheal Holding doesn’t know what is going on in the background. He also suggested him to do a little research before commenting.

Jofra Archer was quoted,” I’m pretty sure Michael Holding doesn’t know anything that is going on behind the scenes,” Archer said. “I don’t think he has spoken to [ECB chief executive] Tom Harrison.”

“I’ve spoken to Tom and we have stuff running in the background. We’ve not forgotten. No-one here has forgotten about Black Lives Matter”

I think that is a bit harsh for him to say that. I think it is a bit harsh for Mikey to not do some research before criticising”, Archer added.

“Nobody should have a problem with it. It is worldwide recognition of calling attention to racial prejudice and injustice,”he concluded.

Micheal Holding responds to Jofra Archer

Micheal Holding

After Jofra Archer made his comments about England’s stance on the BLM movement, Holding responded to him.

“Taking a knee does not prevent other action from taking place, “Holding was quoted to espncricinfo.com.

“Those who take a knee are not substituting the gesture for other positive action.”

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