Minecraft Azalea Trees: Locations, uses and more!

The Minecraft Azalea is a very new source of flowers and is a great way to start a be farm with a new tree. Here are all its features and uses and where to find them!

Minecraft Azalea
Minecraft Azalea: All you need to know!

The Minecraft Caves and Cliffs update is one of the biggest updates the game has received in recent years. The Minecraft Azalea is a new flowering tree that has been added with this update and here is all you need to know about them!

Minecraft Caves and Cliffs has added many new items, blocks, mobs and even vegetation and biomes. Biomes are one of the most important features in the game and players may discover new features as they visit them. The Azalea is one such plant that is only available in select biomes.

Down below are all the features for the Minecraft Azalea.

Minecraft Azalea

Minecraft Azalea
Minecraft Azalea

The Minecraft Azalea is a solid vegetation block that is used to grow Azalea Trees and also has some nice flowers.

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Th Azalea has two variants- one is the flowering version which produces pink flower and another is a non-flowering variant.


Minecraft Azalea
Minecraft Azalea

Players can only find this plant from the top-side of Lush Caves Biomes. Lush Cave biomes are underground caves with vegetation and moss and can be found randomly distributed throughout the Overworld.

The Moss above a Lush Cave biome is the spawn point of Minecraft Azalea. They can only be placed on grass blocks, dirt, coarse dirt, rooted dirt, podzol, moss blocks, farmland and clay.

Azalea trees will drop saplings, which the players can grow into a azalea tree, only by using Bone meal found from Composters or from bones.

Uses for Azalea

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Flowering Azalea is the more useful variant among the two and some of the uses are:


Azaleas are a flowering plant and therefore, the flowering variant function as a great source of Pollination. Bees will float over Flowering Azaleas and carry back pollens to their nests to make honey.

Oak and Birch trees growing near a flowering Azalea tree also has a chance of spawning a bee nest on them.


Azalea trees can be used as a fuel source in Furnaces and Blast Furnaces.


Players can use azaleas in a composter to make bone meals.

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