Minecraft Evoker: Location, attacks, drops and more!

The Minecraft Evoker is one of the most dangerous variants of the illagers and players can find them in raids and woodland mansions. Here are all the facts about it!

Minecraft Evoker
Minecraft Evoker: All you need to know!
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The Woodland Mansion and Raids in Minecraft are two of the most dangerous places for any players to be. Here we take a look at the Minecraft Evoker which is a part of both these places.

Minecraft illagers are the evil counterparts of the peaceful villagers, and will attack any player or villager in sight. These are marked by their grey skin and dark black clothes. They have many variants but the two of most dangerous ones are the:

  • Vindicators
  • Evokers

We take a look at the Minecraft Evoker and all its features in this article!

Minecraft Evoker

Minecraft Evoker
Minecraft Evoker

The Evoker is a variant of the illager and is known for its spell casting and their unique drops. They are a mob that is only found in woodland mansions or raids in villages.

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Minecraft Evoker
Woodland Mansions

The Evokers are spawned in Woodland Mansions in separate rooms.

They will also spawn during raids at waves 5 and 7. Evokers can also spawn riding a Ravager as a Jockey. There is a rare chance of them spawning as a Raid captain.


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Evokers are hostile mobs that are aggressive towards players, villagers, baby villagers, iron golems, snow golems and wandering traders. If other mobs attack the Evoker first, then they will retaliate.

The Evoker may also flee from the player to reposition itself and charge its attacks.

Attacks and Spells

Minecraft Evoker
Minecraft Evoker

The Evoker has three types of spell-casting attacks and one creative spell:

Fang Attack

Minecraft Evoker
Fang Attack

During this attack the Evoker starts to emit dark purple particles and a light horn sound while charging. After completely charged, a number of fangs rise out of the ground and hurt the players. This deals 6 health damage which also negates armor. They can also summon it in a straight line or in a circle around it depending upon the distance of the player.

Summon Vexes

This spell charges up and the Evokers produce white particles. After charging up the Minecraft Evoker summons vexes which attacks any mobs around it.

Sheep color conversion spell

If the Evoker is not hostile towards anyone, then it gets creative and starts casting a spell to change the color of the wool on any blue sheep. They turn the wool of the sheep to a bright red.


Minecraft Evoker
Totem of Undying

The Minecraft Evoker drop one unique items when dying and many more:

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