Minecraft Fortune Enchantment: How to find, uses and more!

The Minecraft Fortune enchantment is a great one for getting free items and more from mining, digging and breaking blocks!

Minecraft Fortune
Minecraft Fortune (image via. minecraft.net)

Minecraft Enchantments are one of the most useful magical properties in the game that can be used on items and weapons. Here is all about the Minecraft Fortune Enchantment and all its uses in the game.

Enchantments in Minecraft are magical properties that can be imbued in weapons, armors and a variety of items to make them break through their usual stats or even give them special attributes that may help the players get more items, become invisible or even take less explosion damage!

Here is all about the Minecraft Fortune Enchantment and how to get it.

Minecraft Fortune

Minecraft Fortune
Minecraft Fortune (image via. Gamepur.com)

The Fortune Enchantment is a special enchantment and can be used on tools in Minecraft to get massive drops.

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The Fortune enchantment can only be applied to the mining, digging and tools used to chop trees or plough dirt. The items that can be enchanted with this are:

  • Pickaxe (Wood till Netherite)
  • Axe (Wood till Netherite)
  • Hoe (Wood till Netherite)
  • Shovel (Wood till Netherite)

Players can find them in one of the following ways:

  • Chests with Enchanted Tools with the Fortune enchantment
  • Chests with Enchanted Books
  • Enchanting Table
  • Mob loots

These are the best way of finding the Minecraft Fortune Enchantment in the game.

Uses for Fortune

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Fortune Enchantment increases the drops that the players get while mining, digging or breaking using the tools that the enchantment is applied on. This applies to everything from Ores like Diamonds, Gold, redstone, etc and even simple drops like berries and stones.

Players can get the increased number of items and it depends on the level of enchantment. The Fortune scales into three stages those being Fortune I, Fortune Ii and Fortune III.

Minecraft Fortune
Fortune Diamond Drop (image via. PlopNofear)

The loot drop is increased in each stage and the chances of rarer items to drop also increases exponentially.

Players must note that Fortune and Silk Touch cannot be applied to the same tool and therefore are mutually exclusive.

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