Minecraft Ghast: Location, Attacks, drops and more!

The Minecraft Ghast is one of the most dangerous mobs in the Nether realm and shoots fire balls towards the players on sight! Here are all the features for it!

Minecraft Ghast
Minecraft Ghast: All you need to know!
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Minecraft has a ton of mobs that the players can meet on their journeys through the Overworld. One of them is the Minecraft Ghast and we take a look at all the features of the ghost mob in Minecraft.

The Nether is a scary place to be in Minecraft and is the even called the hell of Minecraft. The place is teeming with neutral and hostile mobs, the latter being more commonly found. Players can get into all sorts of trouble and one of them is the Ghast.

Down below we take a look at the Minecraft Ghast in full detail.

Minecraft Ghast

Minecraft Ghast
Minecraft Ghast

The Minecraft Ghast is a large aerial ghostlike mob which are exclusive to the Nether Realm and will shoot fireballs to attack.

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Ghasts float around the Nether making occasional crying sounds. When not aggroed they levitate with their eyes and mouth closed. They have a huge blocky white body and 9 tentacles floating from below them.


Minecraft Ghast

Ghasts spawns in Nether wastes, Basalt deltas or soul sand biomes in the Nether realms. They spawn in groups of 1-2 and are exclusive to the Nether realm.


Minecraft Ghast
Ghast Fireball attack

Ghasts are hostile only towards the players and do not attack any other mobs. When the player is in their line of sight, they shoot a fireball by opening their mouth and eyes and making a screeching sound. Thy can shoot within intervals of 3 seconds.

However, they do not approach the player and float around at the distance when they were aggroed. This may make it hard for the players to kill them if they don not have a Bow.

The Ghast Fireball is a projectile that it launches from its mouth and goes in a straight line towards the player. This deals 6 heart damage and can also deal up to 9 hearts if close. These fireballs also deal blast damage and can even destroy blocks and set them on fire.

However, there are ways to counter it. Players can dodge the fireball or choose to deflect it towards the Ghast. A deflected fireball deals 500 hearts damage if it returns to the Ghast and hits it.


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  • Ghast drops Ghast Tears upon killed. They drop 0-1 Ghast Tears.
  • They may also drop Gunpowder.
  • They also drop 5 EXP orbs when killed.

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